The Effect of Addiction on Mental Health for Both Men and Women

What are the effect of addictions like drug, alcohol and smoking on the mental health for both men and women? If you look around you these days, I noticed women and young ladies now smoke at will, some are involved in substance abuse, some are into hard drugs and some are fully into alcohol. Now we need to educate ourselves on the effect of these alcoholism on the brain or mental health either as a man or a woman.

I noticed some ladies see alcohol as being overrated so as other drugs. Some people still smoke and get addicted to alcohol despite some of the health implications that is being announced almost every day on radio, television, health centers and media houses.

Some countries and state are beginning to legalize some hard drugs and substance and I weep for people who are going to be involved in it although some claim it’s medicinal.

As a professional in recovery of hard drugs, some of the signs or symptoms that helps in knowing someone is addicted to drugs, alcohol or weed is when we noticed that the person take these drugs excessively, when an individual cannot easily withdraw from smoking or drinking this alcohol, shaking of some parts of the body like the hands, nose and body imbalance and if the addicted fellow take these drugs multiple times per day.

The Effect of Addiction on Mental Health for Both Men and Women

The truth is that some of the people who are agitating for legalization of some drugs, smoke or alcohol are addict and want a free movement but that is actually not the solution to this. If you look at the effect of drugs, alcohol or smoking on the brain, it has so much disadvantages even of you are a man or woman. 

Any chemical that causes harm to you must first affect the brain and any substance that affect the brain will affect all other part of the body. If you are new in addiction of drugs, you need to stop because the recovery method takes a lot of time and can also be expensive to treat. 

The fact is that those who think they are expert in consuming lot of smokes and alcoholics are endangering their mental health. I will like you to know that alcoholism and drug addictions are complicated, inside the experience there are too many misconstrued and often the label is placed on individuals consistent with culture and records.

But, most alcoholic individuals and drug addicts have bigger issues other than addiction problems and that is often overlooked. 

An example is mental ailments regularly resort to alcohol and/or capsules to discover comfort in their symptoms. Now if an expert is treating this character for his or her diagnosis and progress is shifting alongside the person regularly feels healthful and the alcohol and drugs are out the door.

In my research and opinions, I disagree with alcoholism and drug addictions if the character is able control his or her health and take proper medications. Which means the person turned into suffering and the materials become a mechanism to help them cope. 

So, some of the effect of addiction on mental health for men or women includes;

1.    Madness or mental disorder
2.    Depression
3.    Loss of memory
4.    Financial instability
5.    Body imbalance
6.    Stroke
7.    Heart Seizures
8.    Cancers
9.    Lung diseases
10.  Difficulty in reasoning
11.   Reduced sexual behaviors
12.   Aggressiveness and many more.

There are many therapeutic strategies in intellectual health, and each depends at the affected person and the diagnoses. The focus of this healing strategy is to get the patient to stay centered, voice their values and beliefs freely without feeling threatened, discover ways to pay interest, coaching the affected person to simply accept responsibility and so forth.
Either you are a man or woman, there are many alcohol, drugs or smoking addiction centers around you which you could help yourself by finding them. 

You could also try tell people around you to help you find rehab centers around and boost your mental health back to how it was before now. Thanks for reading.