Is walking a Good way to Improve Mental Health?

Does walking exercises booth mental health? Let me use this medium to remind us that we are still in the month of mental health improvement and that is why we are doing all our best to provide various tested and trusted information on ways to boost our mental health. Since the brain controls all the organs in the body, it will do us a lot of good in finding good ways to improve it so as not to suffer diseases like stroke, retardation, depression and many more.
Is walking a Good way to Improve Mental Health?

Of course, one of the oldest exercises we do every day is to walk in which we don’t even need to pay anyone for it or do any special thing to work. But if you follow some of our updates, you will see that among there’s being studies and latest findings that shows that walking is very good for the body, the heart, various blood vessels, for weight loss, for weight management and for the brain as well.

Walking is an exercises that doesn’t result to injury, you don’t need to spend money on any special gadget to get it done and it’s very easy. In one of the recent findings, the result shows that some people around 20 of them were divided into two groups and the first group were asked to walk for about 40 minutes a day while the other just carry on with their normal day to day activities.

At the end of the experiment, the set of people who walked 40miutes a day had their brain cells active with lot of intelligence boost like good memory, sound sleep, and general well being.
This simple test shows walking exercises is very good not only for the body but for the brain as well. This can be achieved by talking a walk for a movie, to the market, taking a walk to the mall, for sport and any short distance you could think of. 

The answer: From all what I have explained above, it shows that people who walk more have an improved mental health and that is what you get when you make walking not only an exercise but your hobby.

Although you might need to consult your doctor  for more information only if you have not been asked to do some more walking due to one reasons or the other if not, you only need to increase more period of walking to boost your mental health.

If you have been diagnosed of depression or you are suffering depression, if you think you are overweight or obese, if you have stroke or other cardiovascular issues relating to the heart, you are free to walk more. This helps because walking help increase blood circulation throughout the body and the blood vessels which does a lot of thing like boosting the cell metabolism and also enhancing digestion process which help you get rid of excess fat.

This same idea goes for boosting brain cells which increases memory, intelligence and wisdom and others. I suggest you get a dedicated time to increase your walking schedule, and never get distracted. If you have some teenagers or children who also suffers low memory syndrome, then tell such child to walk more and do some sport. All this will help improve the mental health and you stay healthy. 

In conclusion, walking more helps to boost mental health because it improves the brain cells and helps in even circulation of blood throughout the body. But if you have a contrary idea or suggestion, you can use the comment box. Better still consult your doctor for more information on walking exercises and boosting the brain cells. Thanks for reading