Is Gastric Bypass Surgery Good for You?

One of my friend who seems to be very obese with big stomach send this question and I quote “Is Gastric Bypass Surgery good for me at this stage”? I looked at her and I asked the doctor in charge of Gastric bypass and the answer that was provided by the surgeon was what was developed into this post so that every one of us can learn from this.
Is Gastric Bypass Surgery Good for You?

There must be a reason to go under the knife especially when it concerns the health, the body and the heart. In some of our previous post, we have discussed some related topics on Gastric bypass surgery, the price, what happens after and if it really work but this time, we will be looking at if it’s really right for people to go for a Gastric Bypass surgery.

What is Gastric Bypass surgery? This is a surgery which involves removal and extraction of fatty components in the stomach to result into slimness, good figure, flat belly and being light weight. According to feedback, we have heard about the various success stories of gastric bypass surgeries which sounds very good and easy. But the question still remains that is it right to go for a gastric bypass surgery?

My Findings on Gastric Bypass Surgery

1. Mildly Obese: Gastric bypass surgery is not good for you if you are your belly is mildly big or mildly obese. That is, if you are not really obese but overweight or if you are showing signs of obesity, then Gastric Bypass surgery is not good for you simply because other method can still work.

This method includes engaging in exercises, engaging in cardio exercises, limiting your intake of sugar, alcohol and fatty foods.
2. Doctor recommendation: Gastric Bypass surgery is good for you if it is recommended by your doctor or physician. Doctors recommendation of weight loss surgery means it pose a risk to the body especially the heart and other organs. In order to avoid any tragic event that may occur due to obesity, so the doctor can recommend Gastric Bypass surgery so as to prevent such.

3. No complications: I think it’s rather you employ other ways to lose weight such as dieting, exercising and cardio exercises if you want to lose weight without complications. It means if your obesity is without complication, then you Gastric Bypass surgery is not good for you.

4.  Lack funds: In one of our previous post, we discussed about the cost of Gastric Bypass surgery in the US, UK and CANADA and I believe you know if you don’t have around $600 and $2,000 with some after treatment which also cost some dollars.

So, if you don’t have enough or if you’re insurance do not cover such, then Gastric Bypass is not for you.
5.  If BMI is Less:  If your Body Mass Index is greater than 45 that is your weight is 90 and over 100 pounds, I will consider you go for Gastric Bypass Surgery but if it’s less then you don’t need to since some weight loss exercises, dieting and other programs can do that for you.

6. Other Diseases; But if you are obese and diabetic or you have other issues related to the heart like stroke, high blood pressure, hypertension etc., It shows the obesity pose risk to your health and your doctor is definitely going to recommend you for this surgery.

In conclusion, we are able to separate the ideas into two that if Gastric surgery is good for you or not. According to the discussion, you will see that only if the doctor recommends it for you or if the obesity pose a risk to your health, that is when you need to go for one or not. Thanks for reading.


  1. I do tell people to go for weight loss surgery only if the situation is medically threatening but otherwise, simple exercises and dieting can work. thanks

  2. Thanks for sharing this idea, weight loss surgery or stomach fat removal is not cheap. Even if it is something we need to do even if its isn't so easy. My colleague bring food, I eat a lot and I think am getting fatter and she isn't. Workplace diet is a contributing factor which we need to know too.


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