How to Have a Beautiful Skin Naturally Within 2 Months

The skin is the organ that covers every other organs in the body and needs to be protected. It shows how healthy, clean and fresh you are. But some people have damaged their skin looking for different ways to make you it look good and beautiful. Some even go to the extent of using bleaching cream, toning cream or harsh substance to change the colour.

But the idea is that you can actually get a fresh and more beautiful skin within 2months by reading and following this steps. 

How can i have a beautiful skin Within 2 months? A lady said she had ask people and herself if there is anything she can do to make her skin look neat, smooth and beautiful within two months to her wedding. I did my research, consult some dermatologist and i came up with some ideas which are discussed as you read on with this post on how to have a beautiful skin.

What is beautiful skin? A beautiful skin is skin that is healthy, freah, smooth, babyish, free of spots and wrinkles. As someone get older in age, so the body get older and the skin also get older with old age signs like wrinkles, spot and other discoloration.

The best ways to make the skin look beautiful within two months includes;

1. Ensure Healthy eating: based on findings, one of the best way to have a beautiful, fresh skin or a smooth skin in two months is to eat balance diet (which contains all classes of foods), fruits, vegetables and many more. All these foods contain vitamins and minerals that keep the skin soft, beautiful and fresh.

2. Ensure the Use moisturizer: one of the good ways to make the skin beautiful in two months is to use moisturizer cream on your skin or face which contains some mild chemicals that replaces dry cells and keep the skin from aging. Moisturizer cream removes dirt on the skin, heals dead cells and keeps the skin fine, soft and fresh.

How to have a beautiful skin

3. Natural Plant oil: To ensure you make your skin beautiful and fresh within two months, some plant oil are very  good for the skin and makes the skin have a beautiful look. Some of these oil are coconut oil, peanut oil, peanut, almond oil etc which has vitamins, minerals and substance that helps revive the skin and make it have a smooth, fresh and beautiful

4. Some Toning cream: some toning cream without hydroquinol also helps the skin have a very young and smother look because these creams contains chemicals that removes wrinkles, dirt, aging spot, burns etc from the skin surface and still make the skin light or toned.

5. Take Some Honey; I hope you know honey is one of the healthiest food you can eat. Honey is also a very good and active substance that makes the skin look neat and beautiful, free of skin diseases like rashes, blemishes, and many more. I noticed this effect when a asked the secrets to the smooth skin of a woman who is 55yrs and above and she said, she only substitute honey for sugar. 

That means anytime she want to drink tea, she uses honey instead of sugar which is not even healthy for a woman at that age and she look fine and the skin is just as smooth as if she is her early 30s. So, you too can also do the same and help your skin look fine and beautiful which can be achieved in 2 months.

6. Avoid sun: Another good way to have a smooth skin and beautiful skin in two months is to avoid exposing your skin to excessive rays of the sun. The sun contains ultraviolet rays that makes the skin go older, it could lead to heat rash, rashes, wrinkles and many more. So, you can protect the skin from all of these by reducing you spend time indoor or under shade during hot sun just to protect the skin.

7. Eat More fish: Fish consists more proteins and minerals that repair skin cells. if you look at the lifestyle of people that eat fish compared to meat, you will notice that people that eat fish usually have smooth and beautiful skin than people who eat meat. It means fish contains substance that rejuvenates dead skin cells and making the skin have a beautiful look.

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8. Eat Some Fruits: Many celebrities with beautiful skin usually make fruits their best meal. Fruit contains vitamins, fibers and mineral that keeps the skin healthy and cool. Some fruits like cucumber, watermelon, apple are rich in vitamin E which prevent aging of the skin and smooth. 

9. Less fat: eating less of fatty foods can also keeps the skin beautiful and fresh. Fatty foods result to fat which causes blockage of blood vessels and it also store fat below the skin which give rise to irritation and skin diseases. 

10. Regular bathing
: another common way to have a beautiful skin in two months is to maintain personal hygiene by having your bath regularly for as many times as possible with mild soap. It keep the skin healthy and fresh. Thanks for reading.