How to Correctly Choose a toothbrush That Can Last Longer

What are the things to consider to make a toothbrush last longer? Before we continue with today's update on selecting the best toothbrush that can last longer, let take a look at this short story. Someone said to me that the rate at which the handles of his toothbrush breaks seems worrisome.
How to Correctly Choose a toothbrush That Can Last Longer
He said he does not know if the toothbrushes are fake or its just the way he handles the toothbrush all in the name of trying to get a good dental hygiene.

The second part of this is that this friend of mine want to know of its heathy to change toothbrush and how often can someone change toothbrush?

So many questions in one and we will deal with it one after the other.

Let start from the last question relating changing of toothbrush. It makes sense to change toothbrush every three to four month. This is even backed by the American Dental Association that toothbrush should be changed every three month or 4months at most.

Tooth brush should also be changed anytime you noticed the brush seems weak and the bristle getting frayed. It might not be up to three month or four but when you noticed its weak, then change it.

How to correctly choose a toothbrush that can last longer?

The truth is that the choice of toothbrush can have either a positive or negative effect on our health. Imagine if a toothbrush is too hard for the gums, this may lead to harm of the gums and can open up the gum to diseases that affect gums such as gum bleeding either you are a man or a woman, young or old.

Choosing a toothbrush that can last longer requires no special toothbrush company, requires no certification of toothbrush or need not be too expensive to afford because expensive toothbrush might not even be the best for you or your teeth or gum type but correctly choosing a very good toothbrush that can last longer requires the following factors which includes;

1. The hardness: A toothbrush that should last long shouldn't be very hard in such a way that it can cause bleeding. The toothbrush should just be normal in hardness for strong gums, medium for others and soft for people like me who possesses soft gums. Each time i use a strong toothbrush or wash my mouth too strongly, I see blood on the gums.

2. Brittleness: all dental experts do tell people about brittleness. It means a good way to select a toothbrush that last longer than the worth is to look at brittleness. Toothbrush that are soft and brittle are perfect toothbrush for healthy tooth hygiene and cleaning.

3. The brush design: The toothbrush design should be such that you are comfortable with irrespective of the shape and size. It must be soft bristle which are the best to remove debris and plague from the gum area. Not all gums are the same or have the same strength but softness still remains the best. That is the only condition to consider which can make your toothbrush last longer.

I have noticed that toothbrushes with two level set bristles and plastic head seems to be the best with good cleaning and clearing capability.

In conclusion, as we've discussed in the body above, to correctly choose a toothbrush that can last longer depends on three things which are hardness of the brush, brittleness and brush design. All these you need to know and you will be sure of good personal dental care and hygiene which starts with you. Thanks for reading.