Can I Lose Weight On My Leg, Stomach or Hips only

On this site, we talk and discuss more on weight loss based on the various advantages that come along when you are fit and healthy. Although I've also receive some mail regarding people who are under weight but this will be treated in our next updates as soon as possible because our team of expert are preparing an update on that already.

Can I lose weight on my legs and hips only? The lady who asked this question stated further that her legs are becoming too big, her hips becoming too broad and fatty, that how could she do something about those excess fat around the hips and leg area.
Can I Lose Weight On My Leg, Stomach or Hips only

Some readers even state that we should also discussed or post some updates on exercises that helps to lose weight only on specific areas of the body, to the extent that some don't even mind paying for such information or exercises that can help them lose a particular part of the body like crunches.

As a personal trainer, the candid answer I can give to this question is a capital "No" answer. You cant lose weight on your leg or hips alone without the general body experiencing some changes too. Even If you do many hours of crunches for flat stomach, you can not lose weight on the stomach alone.

Losing weight only some part of the body specifically might not be possible because weight loss doesn't work that way. Let take a look at this illustration, footballers play with their legs and that have not make the legs of people like Messi and Ronaldo thinner and slimmer.

Most weight loss exercises and plans burn fat either fast or slowly in the throughout the body. And little by little, the fat concentrated in areas like the stomach, legs or hips begin to reduce with time and consistent exercises.

The options
1. Regular Exercises: If you want to lose weight in any part of your body either in the leg area, hips or stomach, you need to keep on and be consistence with your exercises like running, jogging, cycling, skipping and many more.

2. Cardio Exercises: If you need to lose weight in any part of your body on the stomach, hips or leg, you need to do some cardio exercises like skipping, stairs climbing, fast jogging etc. These exercises helps burn fat in the body by increasing body metabolism and increasing blood circulation.

3. Eating Habit: to lose weight in any part of the body either on the hips, stomach or leg, you need to eat moderately and do not each too much. Moderate eating helps to increase digestion rate and faster breakdown of food particles.

4. Regular Walking: If you are to lose weight in any part of your body such as the hips or tummy, start by walking regularly. Don't always go everywhere with your car or bus but walk more. Walking is an exercise and also an effective ways of losing general body weight.

5. Avoid soft drinks: One of my colleagues told me that her belly and hips was too big and wide, she keep complaining about the size of her tummy and hips. I just ask her that what was the thing she can't do without and she responded that she love soft drinks a lot.

I then told her not to take the drink anymore or she reduce it. She abide by it and she started taking water instead. Just yesterday, I saw this lady and her big tummy and hips was already reducing drastically which shows success.

This shows that reducing the intake of soft drinks or sugary foods can help maintain weight loss in an effective manner. This shows taking excess sugar or soft drinks can make you gain extra weight due to the fact that sugar get converted to glycogen which is a fatty component.

In conclusion, based on what we've have discussed so far, losing weight on a particular part of the body might not be possible but a general weight loss of the body will definitely get to other part of the body. Thanks for reading.