Can Eating Too Much of Salt Cause Hypertension?

Can too much of salt cause high blood pressure? In some of our previous post, we have discussed some information and updates on high blood pressure, foods to avoid for hypertension, foods that cure high blood pressure and various things to do when you have high blood pressure or hypertension. You will find a related post to those updates on hypertension as you read on with this post.

Hypertension topics or issues is wide and traceable to so many activities done by man which are unhealthy.

In some of our previous post, we learn that too much of fatty foods, obesity, stress, bad feeding habit, worries etc. all lead to hypertension but I felt little is known of salt which also cause hypertension when consumed in large quantities.

In our element science like biology and nutrition, we learn that salt belong to the class of food called minerals and it is required in small quantity. Common salt a popularly called contains ions of sodium metals and chlorine ion which is a very powerful oxidizing agent.
The primary function of salt in the body is basically for osmo-regulation for heart pressure. It means salt helps in heart pressure which makes the heart pump more blood normally and in other functions of the heart. 

When an uncle of mine had stroke and he was examined to have a high level of hypertension which had led to his stroke. He survive the stroke and immediately the doctor and cardiologist asked him to stop the consumption of salt or reduce it to the lowest minimum. 

It was then I knew that salt also contributes to rise and fall of the blood pressure which lead to hypertension.

Can too much of salt cause hypertension? The straight answer to this is yes and also based on some conditions like size, age and other genetic factors. People who are above age 45yrs and obese or overweight are advised to reduce salt consumption or it may lead to hypertension. 

Can Eating Too Much of Salt Cause Hypertension?

And for people who are hypertensive, one of the best way to manage this hypertension is to reduce salt or just avoid it like plague. Too much salt isn’t friendly with the heart and its blood vessels like the arteries, veins and muscles. 

What to do manage or reduce hypertension
1.    Reduce your salt and sugar intake
2.    Avoid smoking of cigarette or weed
3.    Avoid drinking excessive alcohol and spirit drinks.
4.    Drink more water and avoid sugary drinks
5.    Do some mild exercises like walking, jogging and yoga
6.    Once in a while, do some cardio exercises like skipping
7.    Reduce your body fat and get rid of excess fat
8.    Eat less of fatty foods and junks
9.    Eat more fruits and vegetables
10.    Be on prescribed medication or drugs that reduces the blood pressure when its high
11.    Reduce stress and avoid too much of late night work
12.    Sleep well and do not skip sleep
13.    Eat balance diets
14.    And monitor your blood pressure using blood pressure kits or sphygmanometer
15.    Don’t forget to always visit your doctor regularly so as to know the state of your health and blood pressure levels.
16.    Do not put any worries in mind and do not panic.
17     Avoid caffeine drinks

In conclusion, just as we’ve discussed in the article body above, I can tell you that too much of salt can increase the blood pressure which later result to high blood pressure. It means you are advised to reduce your salt intake if you have hypertension or if you show signs or symptoms of high blood pressure in your body system. You are advised to consult your doctor if you experience any change or discomfort in your body. And as the body grow older, check your blood pressure regularly. Thanks for reading.