When to Stop Drinking Too Much of Sugary Drinks as an Adult

When Should i Stop to Drink Excess Sugary Drinks Now that i'm an Adult? 
In one of our previous post, we discussed about when to stop eating too much of sugar for adults but now, am writing on soft drinks just to narrow down a bit on other related area of sugar so we can understand more on this topic.

I once welcome everyone and all my readers who might have stumbled on this post either from google search, from social networks like Facebook, Google plus, Twitter and social bookmarking site. I want us to briefly look a the effect of sugary drinks like soft drinks in the body of adults and when to stop drinking sugary drinks or let me say when to reduce the consumption of sugary drinks as a adult because children don't really have problem regarding sugar since they are young and their system digest food faster.

What are sugary Drinks? sugary drinks are drinks that contains high amount of sugar in it and majority are soft drinks. The sugar is used as raw material and is found naturally in nature like in sugarcane, some ripe fruits and in carbohydrate food which when consumed gives energy and sugar is also found in abundant in our cooking or food items bread, rice, yam and also in fruit juice, soft drinks and in alcoholic drinks. Sugar is also contained in snacks, junks, cakes, and in some tuber foods which is really not good for adult or for anybody over the age of 40yrs and above.

Examples of sugary drinks are soft drinks, malt drinks, juice, processed drinks and many more. 

When to stop eating or reduce sugar intake as an Adult
Excess Sugar in Soft drinks do have some complication in the body and it affect the health in  many  ways like it cause diabetes, hypertension, high blood pressure, stroke, cardiac arrest and at times it cause death when the body accumulate too much sugar. When an adult drink too much of sugary drinks, the body is accumulating excess glucose which disrupts the activities of the insulin which is produced in the bile which may cause diabetes and not only that excess sugar in the blood affect blood circulation because the heart is responsible for all this and it therefore raise the pressure of the blood. You can now see that every adult or grown up people do not need much sugar as they grow older.

When do i stop drinking too much of sugary Drinks or Soft drinks as an adult? Now for this question on when to stop eating or reducing your consumption of sugary drinks as a adult, i will say that you reduce your intake of sugar through the following;

1. As you get older: Unless you are told to drink more sugary drinks, every adult above age 35years need to reduce sugar to be free of sugar related diseases like diabetes as you get older. Let say, from the age of 40yrs and above unless you are told to eat more only by your doctor but if not, limit your intake of sugar because the digestive organs are getting weak  to digest excess sugar and may lead to diabetes.

2. As the blood pressure fluctuates: you also need to reduce sugary drinks if you notice fluctuations in your blood pressure especially if you are the type that uses the blood pressure kit to check yours. Even if it seems you are healthy and your blood pressure readings fluctuates, you don't need a doctor to tell you that a reduction of your sugar is required at that time.

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3, Doctors' Recommendation: another time you need to stop taking sugary drinks in large quantity because it contains too much of sugar or when to reduce sugar is when the doctor instruct you that you need to do so based on your blood pressure check and its believed to be rising.

4. High blood pressure: if you are diagnosed of high blood pressure which may advance to hypertension and death if more sugar is consumed. It means you need to reduce sugary drinks intake or stop your consumption of sugars if you have high blood pressure.

5. Frequent Urination: as an adult, you should stop drinking soft drinks or sugary drinks of too much of sugar if you noticed you are urinating too much like multiple times per day. This may be a symptoms of diabetes which can be corrected if you reduce or discontinue your sugar intake immediately.

6. Blurred Visionas an adult, you should stop drinking too much of sugary drinks if you noticed you are urinating too much like multiple times per day. This may be a symptoms of diabetes which can be corrected if you reduce or discontinue your sugar intake immediately

You may consult your doctor to know more about sugary drinks intake and when to stop or reduce the rate at which you eat it either directly in food or through sugary foods which usually contains more sugar. Thanks for reading.