The Major Cause of Breast Cancer Almost Everyone Ignores

What are the main causes of breast cancer most people ignores? I will like to inform you that this week is the breast cancer awareness week and we are using this medium to educate ourselves on some breast cancer awareness programs and ideas we could learn from. 
The Major Cause of Breast Cancer Almost Everyone Ignores

In our previous post, we discussed more on how to prevent yourself from breast cancer without spending any money or paying anyone.

If you are a woman, do not always see breast cancer as something for other people and not for me.

Although cancerous cell growth could be hereditary but it can be grown in any woman, lady or even man too. It will make a lot of sense if you find ways of protecting yourself from this unusual growth inside the breast known as breast cancer.

Studies shows that cancer starts small inform of a lump and spread if the person this report this to his doctor on time. It means early discovery is one of the best way to get rid of breast cancer in the body.

The main causes of cancer most women ignore includes;

1. Hereditary: According to studies and information I gathered during my research on breast cancer, I noticed that this cells can be hereditary. It means if your mother died of fully grown cancer of the breast, such woman should try as much as possible to take care of herself more and as early enough so as to detect any growth that may arise in her breast region.

2. Aging
: I noticed that cancer of the breast is more common among women over 50yrs of age.

A woman who died of breast cancer last week in my street was aged 55. It means that cancer occurs due to ageing. It also mean that as the body get older, any woman or lady stand at risk of tis diseases just like men who get affected by prostate.

3. Smoking and Drinking: Smoking of weed and cigarette by women is often one of the leading cause of breast cancer and I felt some women still ignores this fact. They tend to smoke weed, cigarette, drink alcohol and think they could escape cancer at the long run? That’s not true and I will advise any woman who still smoke cigars should stop with immediate effect.

4.  Lumps: Having a thick round tissue in the breast called lump is another main cause of breast cancer everyone seems to ignore. If you are able to detect your lumps on time, please see your doctor immediately for more examination, advice and therapy. A research claim that when a woman have dense breast tissue, it may result to lumps and lumps is the beginning stage of breast cancer.

5. Early Blood flow; Women who did their menstruation at an early age probably around age 10, 11 or 12 stand a risk of having this growth in them at the later year. So, if you belong to this category, why not speak with your doctor as you get older and monitor yourself very well.

6. Late Marriage or Birth: I was discussing this topic with a doctor on the possible causes of breast cancer people don’t take too serious and I was like, late marriage and late childbirth is one of it and he said that true. The doctor said women who have their child at later age due to late marriage or seizure are being expose to growth of these cells.

7. Asbestos: I have always believe that asbestos is one of the materials that lead to various types of cancer in the body including breast cancer. That is why it’s not good for women to stay more in stores, factories, uncompleted buildings or where asbestos are kept. It contains dust which lead to growth of cancerous cells in the tissues.

8. Overweight: Although we don’t have much information on being overweight as a cause of breast cancer but some recent studies shows that weight gain and fatty tissues can support the growth of these cells and it can lead to breast cancer. Some people don’t take their weight serious thinking it’s a good way of life but that’s a lie. Ensure you take part in any weight loss program you can lay your hands on.

In conclusion, just as we’ve discussed above, the main or major causes of breast cancer almost everyone ignores includes being overweight, exposure to asbestos, late birth, early menstruation, lumps, smoking, alcohol, ageing and hereditary factor. The basic idea is for you to see your doctor as soon as possible and not wait till the growth start getting multiplied or mature. Thanks for reading.


  1. Truly most people ignore some of these fact about breast cancer and its real if I must tell you. Women need to check all this things


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