The Best Way to Protect Yourself From Breast Cancer Without Spending Any Money

How do I protect myself from breast cancer without paying anyone? This is the breast cancer awareness week and we felt we need to also inform and educate our female fans and readers from possible ways of getting themselves protected from breast cancer the cheapest way or without paying anyone.
The Best Way to Protect Yourself From Breast Cancer Without Spending Any Money

According to report, over 4% of women around the world are infected with breast cancer, cancer is one of the diseases that kills people fast in which the real cause and cure are still being worked upon.

For men in their older age, they suffer prostate cancer while ladies and women suffer breast cancer.

Since the cure to cancer is very expensive from drugs to chemotherapy but there are things and ways to prevent it since the best form of attack is to defend and you may not need to pay anyone for it.

As a woman or a matured lady either in a child bearing age or not, below are some of the things you can do to prevent yourself from contacting breast cancer. This includes the following;

1. Regular Examination: According to cancer experts, the best way to prevent yourself from having cancerous growth is to ensure you examine yourself frequently for any growth or lumps on the breast.

You can do this by ensuring your husband or boyfriend help you make a cross section analysis of your breast. And if you or he noticed any round growth like a stone like structure, then you need to take note and get your doctor involved as soon as possible and you don't need to pay any money to anyone.

2. Consult your doctor: Not only for breast cancer but any type of cancer can be prevented by regular visit to your doctor for breast examination. Women are suppose to visit their doctor regularly for check up. This will help in early detection of any cancer or lump growth in the breast and its doesn't cost you anything.

3. Stay away from Asbestos; Unlike other type of cancer, breast cancer is never an exemption for asbestos. One of the primary cause of breast cancer is the overexposure of women to asbestos.

It look like dust, roofing materials but accumulated particle of an asbestos can lead to growth of cancer cells.

4. Eat less of micro wave foods; The world is changing fast and we are more enhance in technology now. We can now use the microwave to warm our foods like do they in fast foods centers. I will like you to know that microwave device contains radiations called microwaves.

They are short waves and can penetrate the body through tissues and when the food is ingested, your body can as well get this traces of micro radiation which may lead to an unusual growth in the body and that is cancer of the breast in the making.

So prevent yourself from having an unusual growth on your breast, I will suggest you do away or eat less of micro wave or processed foods. With this, you will be protected from this breast cancer and you don't need to pay anyone for anything.

5. Avoid too many sexual partners; Although no report of any related issues that may lead to breast cancer but it will do you lot of good if you avoid having too many men around you. This illustration is simple, avoid too many men to have your mammary gland in their mouth since they are not your husband. Get protected and protect your breast from them.

6. Avoid applying Chemicals to Breast area: Another good way to prevent your breast from cancer cells without spending any money is to ensure you don't expose yourself or your breast to dangerous chemicals.
I have seen some ladies apply bleaching cream on their breast even on their nipples. This is a bad idea and some of these bleaching cream contains chemicals and substance that may lead to cancer. A good example of this is hydroquinone.

7. Hereditary factor; According to study, I noticed breast is hereditary which means it can be transferred from parent to offspring. It means that if your mom once had cancer, then you as the child should find all ways to monitoring yourself as early as age 40. And this you can do by constantly visiting your doctor as fast as possible. This is the best form of prevention which requires no payment at all.

8. Avoid Smoking: Some ladies and women in marriages still smokes, drink and sniff dangerous substances like weed and cigarettes. This accumulates to form cancer cells in tissues of the breast. That is what makes smoking in women not only a bad habit but a deadly habit that harm gradually.

In conclusion, as discussed in the article body above, the various ways to prevent breast cancer without spending money on consultation or drugs have been explained above. Taken this cancer awareness ideas seriously and you will be fine. Thanks for reading.



  1. Breast cancer is a serious sickness but just as you've said it should be prevented through some simple methods.


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