Malaysian Doctors Eliminates HIV/Aids Transmission Between Mother and Child

On the health news today, we gathered that the WHO (World Health Organization) confirmed the elimination of HIV/Aids by Malaysian doctors.
Malaysian Doctors eliminate HIV from Mother and Child

The World Health Organization thanked these doctors who have been working on this project over a long time and making sure the project is a success.

It means that the transmission of HIV/Aids virus by pregnant women on their child has now become a thing of the past and the ideas and therapy used for this will be shared all round the world as a confirmed way of stopping the transmission of this diseases.

HIV/AIDS is a sexually transmitted diseases caused by a Virus which cure has not yet been found although various works, research and diagnostic is going on eradicating the diseases.

In many part of the world, some babies given birth to by infected mothers do automatically inherit this diseases and are managed to live with it although under close supervision by health experts.

But the good new is that the disease transmission from mothers to babies now have a permanent solutions to it. More information on this and other developments will be posted soon. Thanks for reading.


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  2. I have always wish this discovery come to pass all this while because the statistics of death due to this is alarming. Especially in some developing countries where healthcare isn't so developed. Thanks to those Malaysian doctors for their effort in eradicating an preventing this HIV transmission.

  3. Despite that diseases and healthcare is my field, I really commend the effort and skills of these Malaysian doctors is preventing and sorting out this issues. This diseases has no cure and Diseases is not good for the body because it only weakens the body immune systems which is sever for the ladies.


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