7 Best Exercises for Flat Stomach Without Going to the Gym

What are the exercises to do to have a flat tummy without going to gym? Someone said the gym thing isn't working for her at all because she doesn't have time and with the nature of her job, she doesn't just have the time. But the good news is that we will be sharing various ways on how you can do some exercises that guarantee a flat tummy without paying anyone, buying anything and without going to the gym

Like i do tell people over and over again that having a flat stomach is very healthy unlike the pot bellied type where fats are stored around the stomach region which occurs in some men and other women as well. Some people have flat stomach naturally and no matter the amount of food they eat, they belly won't become big and that is what we called high rate of metabolism while for others, reverse is the case.

If you look at it carefully, you will see that losing fat around the tummy or stomach area is one of the most difficult aspect of weight loss because it is very slow to achieve. Exercise helps to reduce weight generally including the stomach but there are some exercise that works well to have a flat stomach and you might not need to go to the gym for this. Such exercise are described below as you read on with this post. These includes;

1. Do Some Sit Ups: Based on my own experience in health and fitness so far, i think the fastest way to lose weight around the belly without paying anyone for it or without going to the gym is to sit ups. Sit-ups is more like a cardio exercise that is recommended for men, women, young, teens, old etc to have a flat stomach. 

A lady told me that when she noticed her tummy is becoming big and getting round like a pot belly shaped, she quickly began to do sit ups. After few days, i began to see results, she said she began to see shrinks in the stomach regions, she began to notice a reduction in the size of the belly and and she said i also notice some kind of packs are showing. One good things about sit-up is that, it strengthens the stomach muscles that even if you eat extra, your stomach size remains the same, this makes sit ups ranked among the top 7 exercise for flat stomach which requites no gym.

2. Do Some Skipping: Another exercise i can also classified as one of the best exercise to achieve a flat stomach which requires no gym or anykind of payment is to skip. Skipping not only works for the belly but all aspect of the body including the leg, arms, the hips and the heart. Skipping is a cardio exercise which makes the heart healthy and prevent any kind of cardio vascular diseases that may occur. It helps to achieve a reduced stomach fast just like sit-ups.

flat stomach exercise without going to gym

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3. Running Exercises: The best exercise to lose any kind of weight loss is running. One of the best exercise for general belly fat reduction without the gym is running. Running as an exercise also helps to achieve a flat stomach when you do more of it in the morning, evening or at your free time. You can do the running in your home using a running machine, at the gym or in your street. Running is very effective and as you run, you lose weight and as you are also shedding weight, you gradually lose weight around the stomach region too which will make you have a flat tummy.

4. Jogging Exercises: Just like running, another good exercise that can help to lose belly fat and have a flat tummy very fast is to jog more which doesnt even require a gym. Jogging is just like running and its very effective to have a flat stomach. As you do exercise like jogging, it works in every area of the body, blood circulation increases, digestion becomes faster and excess fat in the belly are burnt off. This will allow a reduction in the size of the stomach and make it flat.

5.  Press Ups Exercises: Press up is also another good exercise for flat stomach especially in men. You may not go to the gym to get this done but your house. Many young men prefers to do press ups because it is fast and very effective. Just like sit ups, you will get fast reduction on fats when you do press up but ladies or women usually don't do press up believing its for men. But if you have chance and time to do press-up, please do, it will make your belly get a very good shape and smaller.

6.  Do Some Hurdles: This is an exercise similar to running but its take more energy to do hurdles because it involves jumping over something. Hurdle is a cardio and it works for the general weight loss of the whole body but more effective to make the stomach flat. The good thing is that it can be done from home or anywhere but not necessarily a gym.

7. Do Some Speed Walking. I also included speed walking as an exercise for flat stomach because it works fast. Walking fast also reduces weight and when you make it faster over a distance, it keeps the tummy in good shape and burn excess fat that makes it get bigger than usual.

In Conclusion, these are the best exercise recommended for flat stomach without going to gym centers or paying any money. Do these exercises and you will achieve a wonderful reduction in the belly size. These exercise help burn excess fat stored in the stomach and makes it flat. So, am recommending the listed exercise for all men, women, ladies, youth, teens to do them and get their tummy flat. Thanks for reading