12 Step by Step Process to Achieving Fast Weight Loss

What are the step by step processes required to lose weight as quickly as possible? Weight loss is achievable only if you have the right information on how to go about it. I strongly believe that it’s not every time you buy weight loss pills, tablets, or go for weight loss surgeries but a gradual approach can work as fast possible.
Step by Step Process to Achieving Fast Weight Loss

As you read on with this post, we will be describing a step by step method of losing weight fast and effective.

These steps have been verified by various doctors, nutritionist and weight loss expert. This step by step method includes;
1. Love Your Body: The first step you need to know for fast weight loss is to love your body. Learn to appreciate your body but more if you can make up your mind to do work more on your weight and finding ways on how to reduce it. If you love your body, you will want to find a way of getting rid of excess fat.

2. Imagine you look slim: Everything is achievable when you imagine it and you work on it. You will be fine and slim if you think it, I like it when you think you are slim, when you imagine you wear a fitted cloth which ordinarily you cannot wear but imagining it will give you the zeal to exercises more and lose weight.

3. No rushing: Always know that weight loss isn’t something you can rush. Weight loss can be rushed because it takes a lot of time for such fat to be accumulated where it is. If you rush to do some dieting, if you rush to exercise, if you rush to use weight loss pills, you may be disappointed at the end of the day. Don’t rush your plans but write down your plans and think of ways to achieve it.

4.  Drink More Water: Out of all the weight loss method I know, drinking more water is a sure step in achieving it and forgoing soft drinks, beer and alcohol just for water. You should try to drink more than 7 glass cups of water per day because it helps to fill up the body and help in fast breakdown of food.

5. Reduce Food Size: Another step by step process in losing weight fast is to ensure you don’t eat too much but eat less amount of food. 

Eating less doesn’t mean you shouldn’t eat at all but in moderation. Eat more balanced diets, eat less of fat, reduce the size of your dinner, lunch and supper. This will make the digestion faster and better for enhanced body metabolism. 

6.  Eat Slowly: The next step for ensuring a weight loss is to eat slowly especially solid foods. You need to study your size of meal and learn to eat slowly. Eating slowly will prevent you from eating too much and it also ensures fast digestion. 

7.  Measure the success rate: If you have the habit of measuring your success rate is a good way to achieve weight loss success in your weight loss program. You need to study your measurement of hips, thigh, breast, chest, belly and everything. You should also stick with what is making you lose more weight so as to lose more.

8.  Walk Walk: Walking is a form of exercise that works effectively but people think it’s slow. One interesting thing about walking is that its good, it helps to circulate more blood to the body, it fasten the digestion rate and helps to burn fat. Another interesting thing is that walking is cheap and can be done anywhere and you will still lose weight slowly and gradually. 

9.  Eat less sugar: While you are doing the walking, your weight loss will be faster especially if you eat less sugar or sugary drinks. People don’t know that sugary items like soft drinks, cakes, chin-chin, biscuits, candy etc are high in calories and can make your digestion slow. But when you avoid them coupled with other things you do, you lose weight fast and faster. You can also restrict sugar or sugary foods for few weeks and you will see the change in your weight.

10.  More fruits and veggies: One of the secret of losing weight very fast is to consume more fruits and vegetables. You can even replace your solid foods with fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are high in vitamin C and they contain other minerals that speed up the rate of digestion of food in the body as well as the body metabolism rate. Fruits also contain fibers and water which helps in dissolving food and some also helps to get rid of undigested food in the body.

11. Exercise More:  The next step to achieving a fast weight loss is to exercise. Exercises like cycling, running, jogging, skipping and other cardio like stairs climbing are the only to get rid of excess fat in the body. Exercises don’t kill people but make people healthy especially the heart and this will help to prevent diseases like obesity, stroke, imbalance, high blood pressure, hypertension etc.

12. Have a Plan: The next step for losing weight quickly is to have a plan. Get a sheet of paper, draft out a time table of exercises, write out your foods and eliminate the fatty foods or junks out of your plan, include more veggies and fruits and study your body after like 2 weeks to see if there’s any progress made.

In conclusion, as discussed in the article body above, these are the step by step process that ensures a fast weight loss and you will be glad it works. This is not a get slim quick scheme or product but it works like magic for anyone who want to get slimmer the right way. Write all these ideas down, work on and study your body get lean as you follow the steps. Thanks for reading.


  1. This is thorough and I really like it. You don't put weight loss surgeries which seems expensive and the fastest. Although not everybody that can afford a surgery which makes it the best idea to exercise your body more. Even people who did weight loss surgery are advice to avoid some food also which makes it the same.


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