10 Cheap and Easy Ways to Exercise the Body Weekly

What are the cheap and easy ways to exercises weekly? I noticed that only few people have the opportunity of exercising their body daily while majority can't due to work, right schedule, bussiness, family issues etc And this has led to drop in the health of the people.

The truth is that that the best way to live long and a life free of diseases is to live a healthy life and one of the sure ways to live a healthy life is to do some exercises at least few times in a week. 

We also need to know that exercises weekly don’t kill people but will make you strong, your bones stronger, ensure fast digestion, ensure fast cell and body metabolism and it also ensure weight loss either you are a man or woman, old or young but you get encouraged when you find the easy and cheap ways to do some exercise weekly.

People find it difficult to do exercise because they dont have time and they are harming their body not knowing that there are some exercises that are actually good, cheap, easy, and stress-free like walking, running, jogging, jumping and many more. All these that can be done weekly and you don’t need to pay anybody or hire an expert to do these exercises.

Only few peolple realize that finding time to workout the body is less complicated and easier than we think, you don't need to set apart time to move to the health club to get a perfect utilizing their time. 

Now, the cheapest and easy ways to exercise your body weekly includes;

1. You can exercise your body everyday easily by doing some squatting while making calls especially if the call is a lengthy discussion probably between you and your family, friends or loved ones. This help stretch the muscles and bones and ensuring blood are well circulated throughout the body.

2. Walking: Walking is one of the cheapest exercises as well as the easiest now. It only involves ignoring your car for short distance journey and trek with your leg, this is not punishments or poverty but for the healthy which is paramount to you at this dime. Just take few days per week or weekend to walk more.

3. You can also exercise your body weekly just by standing more while brushing the teeth or washing the dishes. This will help your coordination and balance and also ensures blood is circulated around the body with ease.

4. You may not sit all day even if your job permits it but While sitting all day at your computer or at the same time as driving, ensure your abdominals, just to preserve them running by moving the body and taking a break  to move round again.

5. For people whose homes or office has an electronic lift in it, it very simple just use the steps or stair cases in preference to the elevator. Taking at a time to use the stairs more than the lift is a good form of weekly exercise and works well for the body fitness and weight loss.

6. You can also do few early mornings jogging either in your room or compound and still come up with good shape and healthy especially on weekends or few times per week.
7. On a weekly basis, before getting out of bed, lie in your lower back and curl up right into a tight ball. Hold this for a second to stretch your lower back, and then completely stretch out your whole frame.
Exercise Daily

8.  Another cheap and easy way to exercises is to stand more. While making dinner or while you prepare breakfast just keep yourself standing firm, do a little exercises increases

9. Watching TV is easy and cheap but can be turned to exercises. While looking TV, stretch, so a few crunches, or perform a little push especially if you have sat for long hours watching the TV, push up is also a good form of exercise as well.

10. Some people jump few times in the morning before going to the shower and setting for work. I do that too and it really helps and keeps me fit. Although you don’t need much time but few session of jumping before bathing will do. If you do this few times per week, you will be healthy and fit.

These weekly exercises discussed above appear easy and insignificant, the more of these exercises you do, the more you get healthy daily, and the more exercise and physically fit you may be getting. 

For instance, if you can do one set of every of the above physical activities weekly or few times per week, you have simply incorporated 20-30 minutes of workout into your week, while not having to pay for fitness center membership or discover a large chunk of time to commit to only exercising. The secret is taking advantage of your "downtime" despite the fact that it's only some minutes here and there. Thanks for reading.