Weight Loss Secrets Your Trainers Wouldn't Like you to Know

What are the weight loss secrets  Trainers doesn't want people to know? Losing weight isn't so tough and not so easy but some trainers do keep some secrets from their    clients or customers simply because they don't want you to be like them or they don't want you to do it yourself.

So why hire a Trainer? The fact still remains that if you know all this information, you may not even think of hiring a trainer for your weight loss exercises or dieting.

eight loss is good, its helpful, it helps to maintain or loss weight, it keep your heart away from life threatening diseases and it makes you healthy. There are different ways of losing weight which are the exercises method, the dieting method and the weight loss surgery which is really fast but expensive method.

So, some of the secrets weight loss trainers keep from you includes the following;

1. Restrict some information: If you go to an expert that you want to start a weight loss program, such person will tell you to register, fill a form, pay a token before telling you what to do. Its when you see everything you will now realize you can even do those things yourself or just the same old information you use to know when it come to food and exercises to lose weight.

2. You can do it alone: Of course, if a weight loss expert or trainer tells you that everything can be done by you then you might not need his office again instead they tend to make you feel its a big deal. They will recommend some exercises for you and promise to watch you lose weight but you will never realize that having the right information can help you out with speed.

Gradual drop in junk foods: One of the ways of losing weight fast and effective is through avoiding junks but is it possible to just leave junks like that. Some can do it and while its might not be easy for others do. The trainer will not tell you your weight loss can be gradual instead he or she tells you to stop some food and you may find it difficult while gradual method is better.
Weight Loss Secrets Your Trainers Wouldn't Like you to Know

4. No Routine to burn Calories: Do you know that you don't need any routine to burn calories instead what you need is to increase your physical activity so as to pave way for fast digestion and blood circulation. But the so called weight loss expert or trainers might not tell you all these and they keep this as a secret to them.

5. Just exercises and better feeding;
Only if you know the basic secret of weight loss that it's mainly depends on exercises and your feeding habit but many of these trainers won't tell you all these since they know you can do it yourself. They are not selfish but they are only doing business and keeping their customers.

6. Caring partner: Another weight loss secret your trainer may not want you to know is that your only need a caring partner that encourages you to do more. The trainer is representing a friend, support, someone who cares and if only you can get such person around you to run along with you, do some exercises  together, help you watch your fatty foods, help you reduce junks etc.

In conclusion, all these are facts, ideas and secrets most weight loss trainers keep from people. I believe you've learnt some of the secret now and you can be able to lose your weight alone. Thanks for reading.


  1. Even at the gym, some if these trainers still keep you with them by not telling you to buy this and that which can help you at home. All is very clear to me and now and I think I love the way you explained it


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