How to Achieve Weight Loss with Traditional Foods

What are the ways to achieve weight loss with your traditional foods? I noticed that most people usually believe that weight loss can only be achieved only by eating particular recommended low fat foods only but I can tell you that it is not so.

This is because some traditional food are low in calorie and can help you lose weight whilst you eat this food e.g pap.

I will like you to know that you are what you eat either you are a boy or girl, man or woman, young or old. Frequent consumption of fatty foods, bread, sugary foods, animal fat etc will make you get bigger or overweight.

Being overweight can lead to blockage of blood vessels like arteries, vein, muscles etc. It can also lead to infertility especially for men who are obese and most importantly, it causes various heart related diseases that can lead to death such as high blood pressure, hypertension, stroke, cardiac arrest, and many more.

So what do you devour? What you eat determines your weight level and some traditional foods can be very good to lose weight weight. These traditional foods are ;

1.  Pap
2.  Wheat
3.  Salads
4.  Cereals
5.  Beans
6.  Fruits like oranges, cucumber, apple, carrots etc
7. Nuts: Barbara nut, Groundnut, Kola nut, Walnut, Cashew But etc.
8.  Fibers like cabbage, garden egg, cucumber, carrot etc
9.  Grains
10. Fresh foods

There are more traditional foods which could not be mentioned here but based on your location but I guess there are some of your traditional foods that are low in calories and do not make you gain more weight. Better still, most foods that are low in calories are good for weight loss. Thanks for reading.