Can Childbirth Cause the Hips to Get Bigger in Size

Does Childbirth Makes the Hips Get  Bigger? When we talk about beauty, its not only about the eyebrows, eye color, skin, hairs and body cream but it depends on the body shape of the Lady.

Also when we talk about getting large hips, some comes naturally while it could also be enhanced based on some ideas which we will be sharing below.

It means some people might not be too fine but their shapes and figures will always attract men to them in any ramifications. This size of hips has lead to the advent of many ladies or women going for hip surgery, liposuction, boot lifting.

Let me tell you this for instance, my sister used to be skinny and she doesn't have any hip but when she got pregnant, I noticed some enlargement of the body part including the hips.

But when she gave birth, I noticed the hips got bigger and bigger like other people claim whereas it doesn't work for other ladies like that too.

Back to the answer of the question, the answer to the question on if childbirth increases hip size is yes because I monitor my sister and she got he hips after childbirth.

The hips got enlarged and increased because of the cervix. The cervix is closer to the hips ad during childbirth, it get displaced which brings about increase in the hips size.

Other ideas that increases the hip size apart of childbirth includes:

1. Regular intimacy
2. Fatty foods.
3. Lack of exercises
4. Squatting.
5. Yoga
6. Soft hips exercises
7. More sleep
8. Peace of mind in marriage and many others. Thanks for reading.


  1. Yes I think the hips get widen generally during pregnancy due to displacement of the cervix as the baby get grow taller and older and this had an effect in childbirth too. Thanks

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