Can Weight Lifting Make a Lady Look Like a Man

Can weight lifting make a lady look manly? I got this question from one of our reader who is a lady but she loves weight lifting as an exercises simply because weight lifting makes her strong with firm muscles. But she is scared if weight lifting can make her look manly that is like a man.

Lifting of weights is one of the best exercises to build muscles and continuing weight lift seems to be the best for body balance and strong muscles.

The concept that a woman begin to look like a man if she is engaged in weight scares a variety of women far from the health club or gym club.

I will like you to know that more than 60% of my clients are girls and the appearance on their faces when I ask them to do lift weight can be very funny because they will be complaining they don't want to look like a man whereas  use myself as an example. I lift weight and I still look sexy as a lady despite that exercises which I do every morning.

Skeletal composition: Now, let us have a clear explanation why weight lift cannot make a woman look manly. You and I know that the skeleton composition of our health and our bodies makes it almost not possible for a girl to have excessive muscle to the factor where she looks like a man because she lifts weights.

The bones arrangement in men or in boys is different compared to arrangement in ladies. Women who look like men already have the gene and arrangement not because they are lifting weights.

The Physiology

Findings made it know that both males and females produce testosterone which is very important for hormonal balance and body functionality but males have lots better degrees of testosterone than ladies.

Another facts states that Testosterone is one of the hormones for secondary reproduction characteristics like extra facial hair, deeper voice, and increase in muscles. A girl’s frame or body system is commonly incapable of producing sufficient testosterone to allow her look manly.

So it'll take a whole lot of years,  lot of heavy weights, and numerous steroid-primarily based drugs to push a girl’s frame over to be a man like shape

Resistance Training and Hormonal Adaptations

Because girls have low testosterone than males at relaxation, any growth isn't always enough to allow for muscle hypertrophy to the extent of being a male unless such person is a transgender.


Another secret lies within the intake and amount of vitamins. In order to get a reasonable amounts of muscle, you want to be ingesting a considerable amount of food. Because ladies are commonly smaller than adult males or men in bone mass, we require much less ordinary calories to fulfill our strength wishes.

If both men and women are placed on equal amount of food and training regime, the lady might likely benefit a huge amount of unwanted fat than the male counterpart.

The answer: All these fact shows that Weightlifting certainly makes your muscular tissues stronger but not bigger.

I will also like you to know that weight lift make a lady become a man because if you pump yourself full of testosterone and eat all manner of food and more calories than you are burning each day, certain, you could get bigger.

However, in case you choose up heavy things, and eat caloric-deficit meals, your muscle groups gets more potent and denser; you may burn the fat on pinnacle of your muscle, and you will get that “toned” look that you’re after. And the extra muscle, the better your metabolism.

I will say it again that being masculine in ladies or women is a gene and not because of weight training or lifting, but rather because of extra androgenic hormones (testosterone) coupled with the ideal stimulus for muscle increase (continual resistance training) and weight-reduction plan directed at muscle increase.

In conclusion, just as discussed in the article body above, weight lifting does not make a lady or woman look like a man but hormones does. Weight lifting only increases mass and body balance. Thanks for reading.