Can A Man or Woman Around Age 30 or Above Have Diabetes?

Can a man or woman around age 30 or above have diabetes? It is rare for a man or woman at age 30 or above to have diabetes simply because they still have a strong organs that can breakdown down foods like sugar as fast as possible all because the body seems to be younger.

But that doesn't take it away from the fact that a man or woman around age 30 or above can still have diabetes if the pancreas refuses to produce insulin which happens due to fault.

The straight answer to this is "yes" a man or woman at age 30 can be diabetics if something is wrong with the bile and the pancreas not because of sugary foods but due to failure of these organs.

Meaning and Causes of Diabetes: This is a problem that occur when there is too much sugar in the blood system. It is caused by the inability of the pancreas to produce insulin to the body and not the regular believe that too much sugar could make someone to be diabetic.

Factors That Could make a man or woman at 30yrs and above have diabetes? 

1. Lack of Lose weight: One of the factors that could young men and women getting diabetes is due to excess weight weight loss. At first, I disagree with some expert that being overweight doesn't have anything to do with diabetes but I was made to know that being obese or overweight could also lead to other diseases like high blood pressure, hypertension, stroke, and other heart problem then why not diabetes

So, the best thing to do if you don't like to be diabetics at your young age is to find a weight loss plan that works like dieting and exercises all which remove excess fat from the body fast and easy.

2. Lack of Water: There is possibility that a young man or woman around 30 or above and not drinking enough water could have diabetes.

This is because water is a simple substance that increases metabolism and digestion. But with water, the digestion is rapid with elimination of fatty cells.

3. Too Much of Alcoholism: You can have diabetes as a young man or woman if you still drink more alcohol and beer regularly. Like I tell people that the end product of beer and alcohol according to chemistry is energy and sugar. And too much of sugar in the body result to problem with the bile and pancreas.

4. Lack of fruits and vegetables: Diabetes can occur if you refuse to eat veggies and fruit regularly instead you eat sugary and fatty foods.

If you are in your late or early 30, you should include more vegetables in your diet or eat more of it based on the fact that it contains minerals and vitamins that fight against diseases and some which correct some sugar related issues.

5. Lack of your physical activitives. Diabetes don't just happen but lack of exercises like like jogging, running, skipping, walking, speed walking, jumping, cycling, stretching, yoga, squatting etc all which ensures blood are well circulated from the heart to other part of the body which is one of the best medicine to cure any type of diseases.

Regular exercises at age 30 help to prevent heart related diseases, stroke, brain issues and many more. if you don't have the time or energy to workout why not start with walking and later you progress into other exercises.

5. Lack of Sleep: When you don't sleep very well, it means you are not resting very well. Avoiding stress and sleeping very well is good for this age in which it makes you healthy while your nerve cells, brain cells, muscles are more relaxed.

Skipping sleep may result to issues like migraine, depression, stroke, diabetes and hypertension. All because you don't allow the body to rest.

6. Eating Too Much of salt and sugar: Unless you are told to eat more, anyone at age 30 or over should try as much as possible to shun excess consumption of salt and sugar especially sugary drinks. This  is because the body is ageing and all the organs are also slow in action as well. When you eat too much of salt and sugar, it may lead to diabetes.

7. Neglecting Doctors Appointment:  Even if you at age 30 and you have this neglect for signs and symptoms related to diabetes, such neglect can lead to diabetes.  Learn to report any signs or symptoms you notice to your doctor. Common signs of diabetes includes frequent urination, blurry vision, difficulty in passing out urine and many more.

If you notice this symptoms, it is better you let your doctor know about it. This is one of the ways you can avoid having diabetes at that age. In summary, this means keeping medical appointment.

In conclusion, as discussed in the article above, the reasons why a man or woman at age 30 can be diabetes is not food but for fault in pancreas. But you can avoid getting diabetes around age 30 and above if you sleep well, reduce stress, lose weight, eat less salt and sugar, exercise more, eat more veggies and fruits, avoid taking beer and other alcohol and drink more water. Thanks for reading.