6 Fast Ways to Grow Beards Naturally at age 30yrs

At age 30, you may think its cannot be easy to have beards again but its not so sir. You don't need to be frustrated into using chemicals or things that may harm your skin later simply because you want to grow beards like your friends.

The natural method is the best and simple way to grow beards especially if you are still in the early 30s. Natural method of hair growth is simple, easy and effective unlike laser or surgical method which is not the best option.

What are the fast ways to grow beards naturally at 30yrs? Keeping beards is one of the trending ways for guys to look good and most ladies really like to be around guys with breads or guys that are hairy. Keeping hair is good but its a pity some guys in their 30s don't really have the hairy gene and they seem to envy those with breads.

If looking hairy with beards is what you like at 30yrs of age, it is achievable using the simple steps which are discussed as you read on with this post on beards growing naturally for young people.

Lately, I receive lot of mails from some of my readers who are in their 30s and they want to know how fast it is to grow beards naturally, so am using this medium to provide answers to the questions for every other boys or men to learn,to apply and to grow the desired beards.

If you are a young guy around age 30 or above and you desire to grow beards naturally with chemicals just like your friends or classmates as quick as possible, then this post is meant for you which we describe in details as you read on.

Keeping Beards with different styles seems to be one of the common thing most young men who desire to grow by any means. Although few of them do get tired of the beards when they finally have it grown but for now, they want it as fast as possible because they want to start shaping it like the stars or people they admire thinking it makes people handsome.

Although if you are not the hairy type even at 30, the fast ways to grow beards might not work as quick as possible but for me since I have it naturally, am even tired of the beards i have because it really needs attention, going to the barbing salon frequently which i don't like.

Some of the things i did to have my beards grow naturally much more faster than i can bear even at my age now includes;

1. Just Keep Shaving: If you really want to grow beards naturally at age 30, you need to shave the little you have now. The more you shave the little hairs around your jaw, the more it grows more faster than you taught. 

When i started see some beards, i rush to the salon to shave it forgetting that the more you shave, the more the beards grow even faster. Although some people say shaving off the beards will not grow again but I disagree with this ideas because a guy at age 30 is still growing.

2. Use Hair Cream on Skin: After shaving the few scanty beards with you especially if you are not the hairy type, apply your hair cream to your jaw and you will see it grow as fast as possible. Hair cream do have treatments that that helps to increase hair growth and it does the same for the beards too.

quick ways to grow beards

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3. The After Shave: One of the fast ways you can grow beard fast or quickly using the natural means is to shave the little you have then after shaving it, you use after shave. The after shave treatments contains methyl and alcohol which promotes hair growth and it also works for the jaw too.

4. Hair Herbs: Another fast ways to grow beards naturally at 30 is to apply some herbs that makes hair grow faster. Some are applied to the facial cream or applied at night, the beards will grow fast if you do this. Example is weed when mixed with hair cream.

5. Use Plant Oil: If you are at age 30 and you seek a fast growth of hair, try as much as possible to apply some plants oil like coconut oil, Shea butter, castor oil, lemon oil, groundnut oil all contains Vitamins that helps the body in terms of rapid hair growth in the jaw referred to as beards.

6. Mix weed with hair cream: I am not really in support of using surgery or lasers to grow beards because it is expensive but simple ways like mixing hair cream and weed also works to improve the hair growth.

In Conclusion, all these methods works for people at age 30 or above to grow their beards quickly and naturally, it works for me and i believe it can also work for you too. The main secret that keeps the beards growing fast is based on the fact that the more you shave, the more it grows, that is just the secret to fast growth of beards for guys. Thanks for reading.


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