Drug Abuse: Common Reasons why People Abuse Drugs

I was watching a documentary on a popular American Music Actress who died some years ago due to substance abuse and I felt I need to let people know few common reasons why people abuse drugs and in our next post, we will be looking at the ban, side effect and reasons why you need to stop drug addictions or abuse these drugs.

In some countries, the Government place a ban on the sales of some drugs like cough syrups that comprise Codeine but many people still find their way in purchasing these drugs. I didn't just put up something but I ask people who are heavily involved in drugs on what makes them abuse the drugs or what really causes their drug addictions.

I believe you will learn few things from this especially reading what could have made some people get used to taking or abusing drugs. For some its starts from smoking, drinking and it progresses to the level of injecting themselves.

Why people abuse drugs

Some young people told me that stated they started taking hard drugs due ti peer pressure or peer stress just to feel among and match up to the level.

Some claim its as a result of neglect, loss of friends, loved one and a family member. While some people go into substance abuse due to fame or let say too much money.

While some people use it to be sexually excited or for a longer period of sex. Some still claim its helps them get relief of stress.

How they abuse drugs

They take excess intake of Marijuana, some take Cocaine, Refnol and Codeine as constantly abused drugs, with Alcohol, Gins, tender beverages and Spirits performing as gas mixer for the drugs.

What a few substance abusers had to say.

John Smith(23): I started taking drugs when my father died at some stage in my undergraduate years, I picked up the addiction of smoking. “I started out smoking cigarettes however because the ache and strain I felt improved, I wanted some thing more potent to decrease hurtful emotions, and Marijuana became an instantaneous answer.” to this. That is how I started substance abuse.

Mr Seyi (32): One of the things that lead me to drugs is business failure. I commenced smoking Marijuana four 12 months in the past once I lost my business and could not fend for my family; I also attempted codeine for some time. “We couldn't feed and I felt less than a man, all my esteem stripped away by using the stress and shame. “I wished an escape and drugs helped. My business is back now however I cannot stop, although my abuse is beginning to reduce.

Miss Maria (19): In started abuse of drugs due to from friends and peer pressure “I don’t see anything wrong in taking drugs like Refnol or Codeine due to the fact all my friends do it and you don’t want to be the odd one out, I didn’t need to take some thing because all the memories that older human beings had informed me approximately drugs and they (her friends) laughed at me. I attempted it and the medicine absolutely did it. “I don’t assume I can dangle out with people who don’t need to get ‘excessive’, they may be boring. I am young and that is the time to do all these things which is wrong.

Mr James: This man said " I start to take drugs when my wife pack out of the house for another man leaving the children all alone with me" i was terrified and that's how it starts.

NB: Pleases do not fall for all these reasons or excuses because your health is more important to you than any other thing. Say no to drugs and you will be glad you did. Check our next post for the main side effect of drugs abuse to the body. Thanks for reading.