7 Side Effect of Drug Abuse in Both Young and Old People

What are the Side Effect of Drug Abuse in Both Young and Old People? I always believe that many of these youths and older people don't really know what they are into and how it affect their life. In our last post, we look at the various common reasons why people go into substance abuse and why other are exposed to hard drugs as a means of survival or getting high. 

7 Side Effect of Drug Abuse in Both Young and Old People

In our previous post, we learn that so many people go into heavy drugs due to fame, too much money, peer pressure, loss of loved ones, loss of job, lack of money, anxiety or just any condition that makes them feel slow.

For the rich categories, they tend to do more hard drugs like Cocaine while the low income earners abuse common sedative drugs or cough syrup ingredients like codeine, morphine, Valium and many more. 

The side effect of some of these hard drugs or substance abuse includes;

1.  Death: Death doesn’t not know older people or young people especially if you are the type that is involved in abuse of drugs. People who take heavy drugs like cocaine, heroin, cannabis etc.

should desist from doing so right now because it leads to death due to sudden stoppage of organs in the body like the heart, lungs, brain, blood vessels etc. I noticed that people who are involved in substance abuse usually don’t live long due to this.
2.  Kidney problem: The kidney is one of the major organs of excretion in that when you take drugs in excess or if you are into weed, it will reduce the efficiency of the kidney wall which lead to kidney problem in people. People who are addicted to smoking of cigarettes, weed, and other drugs usually have issues with their kidney at one stage in life.

3.  Liver problem: Since the liver is the only organs that digest drugs and taking some of these drugs in large quantity like codeine which is supposed to be an ingredient in production of cough syrups or other drugs get digested in the liver, so when you load the liver with excess amount than it can work with, it becomes a big problem to them like liver problem.

4.  Addiction
: Don’t just go into drugs even if your friend is doing it. Taking more drugs or substance can get you easily addicted and we know that every addiction is a bad thing.

Getting addicted to drugs or heavy drugs lead to health issues and more mental problem which is one of the reasons you should not even go there at all.

5.  Low self-esteem: Drug abuse or drug addiction lead to low self-esteem. You look down on yourself, you might not be able to be yourself without the drugs, you feel helpless, you feel neglected and that is one of the major cause of low self- esteem that can make you feel less of yourself, it can lead to depression and some real mental issues.
6. Brain diseases: Sudden heart attack, stroke, depression, mental disorder, anger, madness, high blood pressure, hypertension, migraine and many more. One of the greatest American Singer was reported to have died of excessive substance intake and a suggested case of suicide because she died in the Bathtub. The daughter which is also known as Bobby also died of pneumonia and with a trace of drugs in her body at that time. This shows the level at which drugs can affect people.

7.  Poverty: The use of drugs or let just say drug abuse is one of the cause of poverty in people because they get addicted. A singer called Magek Fashek almost ended up his live without money and remain wretched sue to drugs. Thanks some people individuals that helped him in rehab which is making him look better. Drug will make you want to buy more and more until you have no money left on you. For young people, they might want you use their school fees to buy these drugs while other older people go as far as borrowing money to buy some drugs and they ended up in poverty.

In conclusion, as discussed in the article body above, these are the side effect of drug abuse for people who are young or older in that it causes poverty, brain diseases, low self-esteem, addiction, liver problem, kidney problem and death. Thanks for reading.



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