How to lose weight fast from 80kg to 70kg

What are the best ways to lose weight fast from 80kg to 70kg? I asked this question because the last time i checked my weight, i was already weighing 80kg which i believe is on the high side. It means i am overweight with a weighing scale reading 80kg. Then i feel i need to get some information on what to do so as to reduce the weight to 70kg and later to 60kg and less. This was the question we need to talk about as you read on with this post.
Previously on  this site, we have discussed lot of weight loss ideas and so many others ways of losing weight for both men and women, we also discussed the various reasons why both men and women need to startup weight loss program and how to choose the best out of the numerous weight loss programs out there. But now, we will be specific in our discussion on the various ways we can lose weight fast from 80kg to 70kg which means we all need to see how we can lose 10kg as quickly as possible.

Losing weight from 80kg to 70kg within a short period of time is achievable only if you seek and get the right information on how to do that and the various weight loss programs that are of good quality which shows great results. Since some women usually find it difficult to lose weight especially after marriage or after childbirth and men also acquire more fat as they get older which makes weight loss look like a mountain and people may see this as a whole lot of stress..

So, I recommend these programs below as the most effective ways to lose 80kg to 70kg as quickly as possible which includes;

1. Do Walking Exercise: To start any weight loss exercise to burn extra fat or calories in your body, you need to start walking more distance. Walking is a good form of exercise which works slowly and it's effective especially for both men and women. Walking is good because it is cheap, stress free and requires no expert or instruction for it to be carried out. It can be done at the gym, it can be done at home, it can be done at the street, at work, through fitness machines and you may not require the service of any expert to walk which makes it cheap and convenient. It works like magic especially for fat burning and weight maintenance. 80kg of weight may seems to be like a mountain but when you start working, it will get reduced with time.

2. Running/Jogging:
Another way to start any weight loss exercise to burn extra fat or calories in your body from 80kg to 70kg, you need to start run and jog more few times per week even if its not every day. You may noticed that walking is good to lose weight but may be slow whereas running or jogging is the fastest weight loss program either as a man or woman and for those who seems too lazy to walk. As a woman or man who want to lose weight fast from 80kg to 70kg, you can choose to run or jog in the early morning or later in the evening. 

Running and jogging or running or jogging in the morning helps to burn fat fast and it also improves blood circulation around the body. Jogging or running is a program which can be done at home, at the street in the morning, at the gym centre or with fitness machines. It’s among the top rated and recommended weight loss program for both men and women to burn excess fat out of the body.

3. Skipping Exercises: among the top rated weight loss program that works fast and very effective in losing weight from 80kg to 70kg i.e losing 10kg within few time, i will suggest cardio exercises like skipping. Skipping involves using skipping rope or jumping rope which makes you lose weight fast either as a overweight man or woman. Skipping also be done at the gym centre or at home. Skipping burn fat really fast and you will also see your weight get reduced drastically and fast. As a woman or man who want to lose weight fast from 80kg to 70kg, you can choose to skip your jump rope in the early morning or later in the evening.
4. Jumping Exercise; jumping is also a very good exercise to lose weight from 80kg to 70kg which is recommended for overweight or obese men and women as well. Jumping is a also a form of cardio and can be done at gym or at home. It works on the body for general weight loss and other fat burning method. Just like small children when they go to school, they enjoy jumping up and down and it really works for them for weight maintenance. This can also work for matured men and women/ladies too, just stay in your house and do some jumping and you can also assist it with skipping rope can make it work faster for you.
Weight Loss program

 5. Cardio exercises: I have discussed a few of these cardio exercises earlier but we also need to add more or discussed further on cardio exercises. If you seek fast ways to lose weight from 80kg tom 70kg either as a man or as a woman, you start some various cardio exercises you know. Cardio exercises are exercises that make you breath faster such as stairs climbing, cycling, running, hurdles, skipping, jogging and many other sports like soccer, basket ball, athletics etc. These cardio helps to lose weight fast and it also prevent cardiovascular diseases like high blood pressure, hypertension, cardiac arrest, stroke and many more.

6. Dieting: it depends on what you know about dieting but dieting doesn't mean you don't need to eat but only some restricted food especially avoiding fatty foods. If you are to lose 10kg as fast as possible, you will need to take some bold steps by ensuring you cut away from fatty foods, reduce snacks or food fried with animal fat, eat more proteins, eat more fiber foods, and drink more water. Doing this will help you out in achieving a drastic lose of weight from 80kg to 70kg and very fast. 

In conclusion, as discussed in the article body above, these are the things or ways to lose weight fast from 80kg to 70kg or lesser which takes effect with time. I will like you to know that everything is achievable only when you are dedicated and determine to get a fast result on an issue. Thanks for reading.


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