How to Lose 10 Pounds in 7 Days at Home

Can I lose 10 pounds in 7 days from home? This was a question that was received some days ago sent by one of our readers and I have decided to make it in a post form so that all of us can learn and also gather some ideas that works for weight loss in 7 days which I believe is realistic.

Sometimes ago, i posted an update on how to lose 10 pounds within a month but based on popular demand,

i decided to write or post an update on how to shed excess fat in the body and lose close to 10 pounds in 7 days or within 7 days at home. This explanations you will get as you read on with this post on how to lose 10 pounds of weight in a week right at the comfort of your home without stress.

Losing weight like 10kg at home within 7 days is possible especially for people like work at home experts, new moms, old grannies, or unemployed. After a careful look at various weight loss ideas, I came up with this post since it work for many and these are cheap things to do so as to lose weight either fast, slow or efficiently.

There are various ways to lose close to 10 pounds within 7 days at home. Like i said earlier in our previous post, If am to convert 10 pounds to kilo, it means 10 pounds is the same as 4.539 kilogram which i believe is low to cut down and get reduced in weight while you are at home. 

Staying at home, working from home, as a full housewife etc can make you gather excess fat due to lack of exercises or physical activities.

If you are to lose 10 pounds of weight within 7 days from home, you need to get dedicated towards achieving it through the power of getting right weight loss information, you also need to be motivated to reduce your weight, do not get distracted and do the following weight loss tips which includes;

1. Reduce Fatty Foods: To lose 10 pounds at home and within 7 days, you will need to stop eating excess quantity of fatty foods. If you love to eat fatty foods such as fried foods, snacks, fried meat, oily foods, chin chin, doughnuts etc then you may never achieve your 10 pounds weight reduction for the month right there in your house

Fatty foods are high calorie foods which slows down the body digestion rate and metabolism thereby allowing the body to gain excess fat. In order to achieve your set target of reducing 10 pounds of weight, avoid or reduce fatty foods and see the change which makes you get slimmer and thinner.

2. Eat More Fresh Fruits: Another things i do tell people on weight loss is to always try as much as possible to eat fresh fruits rather than eating sugary fruits, juice or alcoholic juice. 

Examples of fruits that can help you lose 10 pounds at home or the 5.536kg of fat you want to shed are pawpaw, oranges apple, cabbage, strawberrylime, watermelon, grapes, carrot, raw tomatoes, garden egg, mango, pineapple, pear, strawberry, avocados and many more.

Fresh Fruits contains vitamins and minerals that helps the body for growth, repairs body tissues and enzymes that aids digestion are also contained in it. You can replace excess consumption of carbohydrate or starch with fresh fruits and i believe within a month of doing this, you will get good weight loss result

Lose weight

3. Eat lessAnother way to achieve a weight loss program of about 10 pounds at home in a week or let say in 7 days is to eat less.

Eating less does not mean you should start eating low quantity of food but it means you can eat less of foods that are high in sugar, high in calorie, high in salt, high in fat, high in oil and many more. 

This will make you get a good and get faster result in losing the desired weight of 10 pounds in 7 days while you are still in your house. You can also eat less of fried foods like snacks, ice cream, beef, meat, bread etc 

4. Do Some Cardio Exercises: The only recommended way to lose 10 pounds at home within 7 days which have been used by millions of people in the world is no other method than exercise. Cardio exercise brings more faster results for weight loss. 

Cardio Exercise are exercise that increases breath faster and even more faster when you are partaking in it. Good examples of cardio exercise includes walking, running, speed walking, fast jogging, hurdles, skippingcycling etc. Cardio exercise is the only exercise that reduce weight faster than any other means or weight loss programs. 

If you see any doctor that tells you to pay to lose 10 pounds of weight in few weeks or in a month, then such person will only recommend different exercise for you with few weight loss pills. The only thing that will help the weight loss pills work faster is the cardio exercise which requires no pills to burn fat.

5. Fiber Foods: To lose10 pounds within 7 days of the week, you need fiber foods. Fiber foods are better options to achieve a weight loss of 1pounds in a week from home. Fiber foods helps to fasten the digestion process and it also increases the body rate of metabolism which burn fat. Examples of fiber foods includes walnut, cucumber, maize, garden egg, grape, oranges, watermelon, cabbage etc.

6, Drink Coffee: Drinking coffee is good to shed some excess fat and it is also good to burn fat and can make you achieve a weight loss plan of about 10 pounds in 7 days from your house. It may have some side effect if you drink excessively but when you drink in moderation with low sugar 
and milk, it will help you burn some fat within a week. 

7. Reliable weight loss pills: Some weight loss pills are fast action, these tablets helps to get rid of fat within the shortest period but all others ideas must be followed to make it work well and fast.

In Conclusion, you can lose 10 pounds at home within 7 days as described above simply by doing exercise, eating fibers, fruits, drinking coffee and avoiding fatty foods. Thanks for reading.