9 Exercise Advice for Beginners With No Money and Experience

What are the exercise advice for beginners with no money and experience? One of the best thing to do that helps keep the body healthy is no other thing than to do exercises and eat good food. But we noticed that some people who are just starting to exercises usually don't get result due to lack of experience and money. 

Even if you are a beginner to exercises, you don't need to spend too much money or become the most experience but what is required is only right information, right exercises and doing the right thing at the right time. 

The fact still remains that exercise is a good way to keep the body safe and healthy, exercises ensure the body is safe from diseases like hypertension, stroke, high blood pressure etc and it also helps to lose weight easily but as a beginner,

there are few things you need to know in order to achieve good result through determination, consistency and effort.

So, for people who want to begin exercising their body without spending much or experience, some of the things you need to do as a beginner includes the following;

Exercise Advice

1. You Need to Consult your doctor: one of the things you ought to do as a beginner of exercises even if you have no experience or money and is to visit your doctor for some exercise advice like what exercise is the best for you to do, types of exercise, some check up and to confirm if your health is good enough to carry on with the exercise. 

Contacting your doctor is one of the best exercise advice anyone can give you because it doesn’t expose you to any kind of health risk that may occur. Since the doctor knows the best, he is more experienced and the doctor is qualified for recommendations of exercise and fitness.

2. Be dedicated: another exercise advice I may recommend for beginners who doesn't have money and experience is to be dedicated towards the exercise. You need to write down what you want in details, make a plan on how to start, start the exercise or take the bold steps into achieving what you wanted. This is called dedication which helps you to lose weight, lose stomach weight, burn excess calories and keeps the heart healthy.

3. Consistency: as an exercise beginner who has no money or experience, one of the advice most weight loss experts or doctors can give to beginner of exercise is usually in the area of consistency. Consistency means you need to ensure that you need to map out time for you to reach your goals on any type of exercise you do. 

For instance, if you want to lose excess fat in your body, the first thing you need to do is to set out time, day and the type of exercise that will work well for fast result and you do it regularly.

The days, the time, the exercise should be planned to avoid discouragement which makes you get dedicated and consistence in it.

4. Feeding Habit: one of the best exercise advice for beginners especially for those who have no money, those who have no experience, those who want to lose weight, get rid of excess fat in the body or for body fitness generally, you need to be aware that you need to avoid certain foods like fatty foods, junks, snacks, animal fat etc and more of foods like fiber foods, fruits, nuts, proteins and many more. 

Beginners, who want to start exercising the body for one reason or the other, must take into consideration some special diet that gives more energy and stamina without gaining fat.

5. Avoid Sugar: as an exercise beginner who lacks experience with little capital to spend, you need to take note that excess sugar in the body or when you eat too much of sugary foods may lead to slow metabolism and digestion and as you workout your body, you may not lose weight easily but it is better and faster if you take less of sugary drinks and stick to your water or fresh foods.

6. No pills: I really do not believe in weight loss pills or magical pills or drinks and I will only advise you to take the exercise more serious and forget about magic pills or weight loss pills which are usually waste of money and time because many of these pills don’t give result. It only dehydrates the body and make you look pale and slim but if you continue your diet, the weight gain returns only for people who believe in pills.

7. Eat less
: the best exercise advice for beginners without experienced or money which is to eat less of certain foods like sugar, high calories foods like bread, yam, coco yam etc and other heavy carbohydrates. For instance, someone decides to start early morning jogging and after the jogging, he decides to eat a heavy load of bread with fried egg. 

Now, if you eat this type of food after exercise, you might not get the best result on this because you are actually loading the body again high calories foods but when you eat less of these foods, you will get slimmer and healthier by eating less of junks, carbohydrates and fatty foods.

8. More Fruits & vegetables: another advice which seems to be the best for exercise for inexperienced beginners is to cultivate the habit of eating more fruits and vegetables during the period of exercise. It helps to get fast result and it makes the body healthy. 

Fruits and vegetables not only help to lose weight but these foods helps to protect the body from diseases because they contain high amount of vitamins which protect the body from diseases. These foods also contain minerals that aid digestion and increase the body metabolism and as an exercise beginner, you must start eating more fruits and vegetables for good and fast result.

9. Right Exercise: if you are a beginner and you want the best result without experience or money is to make some research on which exercise is the best for your program or you get a mentor to help you do that. 

For example, I noticed that sit up works best for stomach reduction while cardio exercises like running, skipping, jogging usually works best for general body weight loss. So, take your time to choose the best exercise that works for you and I believe this is the best exercise so far.

In conclusion, just as described in the article body above, these are the exercise advice I have for people who are new or beginners generally to get a good weight loss result with little or no money. You only need to have it at the back of your mind that you must see your doctor at first, you need to eat more vegetables and fruits, you need to eat less of fat, you need to drink more water, be dedicated, be consistence and get the best exercise that works. Thanks for reading.