7 Quick Ways to Grow Beards Within a Month

How can quickly i grow my beards within a month? If you look at the trend in the world today, you will notice that keeping up a nicely shaved beards or leaving a goatee is the latest trends and many young boys and few matured men also want to keep this as part of the latest fashion or way of upkeep so as to look good.

Some people still want to keep their beards for as long as possible while others who doesn't even have a goatee want to have it by any means within a month. I receive lot of mails from some of my male readers who want to know how fast it is to beards within a month, so am using this medium to provide answers to the questions for every other boys or men to learn,to apply and to grow the desired beards they like or even its a goatee.

If you are a young guy or man in his late 20s or in his early 30s and you desire to grow beards just like your friends or classmates as quick as possible within a month, then this post is meant for you which we describe in details as you read on.

Although if you are not the hairy type, the fastest way to grow beards within a week or in a month might not work as quick as possible but for someone like me who seems to be hairy, am even tired of the beards i have because it really needs attention, going to the barbing salon frequently which i don't like.

Some of the things i did to have my beards grow much more faster within a month than i can even bear it are described as you read on with this post;

1. With Methylated spirit: One of the old ways or let just say old practice of growing beards the fast way within a month is though the use of methylated spirit. It still work for some people and it may not work for others.This can be done by applying methylated spirit to the area where you want the beards to grow and wait for few days. Its much more better now because the after shave also contains alcohol but people with soft skin must be careful so as not to burn their skin.

2. Keep Shaving: Another quick ways to grow beards within a month is to keep shaving.

If you really want to grow beards as quick as possible within a week or a month, you need to shave the little you have now. The more you shave the little hairs around your jaw, the more it grows much more faster than you taught. When i started see some beards, i rush to the salon to shave it forgetting that the more you shave, the more the beards grow even faster. This style also work for people like me and i believe it can also work for you as well.

3. Hair Cream: Some hair cream contains active agent or oil that increases the growth of hair very quickly in the jaw which result to beards. After shaving the few scanty beards you have, apply your hair cream and you will see it grow as fast as possible. Hair cream do have treatments that that helps to increase hair growth and it does the same for the beards too.

Grow Beards
4. After Shave Fluids: Most of the active after shave liquids do contain alcohol and methyl which increases growth of hair. One of the ways you can grow beard fast or quickly in a month or within a month is to shave the little you have then after shaving it, you use after shave. The after shave treatments contains methyl which promotes hair growth.

5. Use hair growth Herbs: On of the ways to grow your beards as quickly as possible within a month is to apply some herbs that makes hair grow faster. Some are applied to the facial cream or applied at night, the beards will grow fast if you do this.

6. Plant Oil: You can grow your goatee or beards as quickly as possible within a month simply by using plant oil for hair regrowth. Apply some plants oil like coconut oil, Shea butter, castor oil, lemon oil, groundnut oil all contains Vitamins that helps the body in terms of rapid hair growth in the jaw referred to as beards.

7. Grow beards with Weeds: Growing your beards with weed is possible and have also been seen as old ways of hair regrowth. It involves mixing it with your hair cream and in little time, the hair begins to grow little by little until it become more established.

In Conclusion, as discussed in the article above, all these methods works for people, it works for me and i believe it can also work for you too. The main secret that keeps the beards growing fast within a week or a month is based on the fact that the more you shave, the more it grows, that is just the secret to fast growth of beards for guys. Thanks for reading.