10 Foods That Can Relief Knee Pain Naturally Without Side Effect

Are there foods that can relief knee pain without side effect? Solutions to knee pains is not only based on drugs or tablets alone but some food can actually help to reduce, prevent and cure knee pain without side effect. 

I decided to write on this topic “10 foods that can relieve knee pains based on the debate I watched on TV where different doctors and nutritionist talked about natural remedies of pains on the knee and some foods can actually cure it. I put all the facts together including my findings on these foods and I believe you will learn few things as you read on with this post on knee pains and the possible solutions to it.

I have seen some health experts and doctors claimed that some special diets are actually good to relief knee pains because they can actually reduce or suspend the pains of rheumatism

while some other factors like obesity of being overweight may trigger the effect because some joints will posses more weight which will later bring discomfort and some pains especially in the the knee area.
Heal Arthritis

I believe the home treatments or how to cure Knee pains from home is to eat balance diet, good foods which are listed below, these foods are;

1. Eat Vitamin C: Vitamin C can be found abundantly in fruits like oranges, lime, grapes, tangerine, carrot, etc. According to doctors recommendation and research results, people who suffer knees pain should ensure they eat more foods rich in Vitamin C. Vitamin C foods contains agents that get rid of free radicals in the body, they are anti-inflamatory substance and they relieve the body of pains. Oranges and other fruits that contain Vitamin C are good cure or serves as solution to knee pain.

2. Eat more Vitamin B5
:  To get relief of Knees pain, foods rich in Vitamin C are possible solution to it.

These are foods that also get rid of free radicals in the body and are good at reducing pains and swelling in the body either at the knee region, leg region or any part of the body.

3. More Vitamin B3: These foods help to get relieve of pains on the knees without side effect because it also contains antioxidant and help get rid of free radicals in the body. Foods that are rich in Vitamin B3 reduce leg swelling, they also dilate the arteries according to research and it increases blood flow. Example is plantain, vegetables and other fruits. But people with some heart related issues shouldn’t eat too much of these fruits.

4. More Vitamin B6
: It is found in most fruits and some vegetables but these Vitamins in active in cell formations; it also aids digestion and relaxes the nerves or nerve cells which reduce pains in the body. So, I will advice people with constant knee pain to eat more of fruits or foods that contain Vitamins which has no side effect of Ay kind.

5. More Vitamin E and K: Examples of foods that contain Vitamin E are fruits and vegetables, cheese, grains, proteins etc. These vitamins have strong anti oxidant that relieves pains, it increase joint movements and it reduces pains associated at the knee area without issues or side effect.

6. More Calcium: Examples of calcium rich foods which act as solutions to knee pain are milk, bones, fibers and many more. These foods contains high amount of calcium which is good for strong bones and healthy teeth. It keeps the body strong and relief the leg of pains without side effect unlike drugs.

7. More Zinc: Zinc is a mineral which has so many roles to play in the body. An example of food rich in Zinc is fish which contains some minerals that that helps the in bone formation and it reduces pains in the knee without issues or complications. It also supplies proteins to the body which free the body of diseases and builds the body. 

8.  Cucumber: Cucumber is a good food that helps to prevent, heal and relief knee pains because it contains a substance called Chondroitin sulphate which acts as lubricants to bones and joints, and helps in smooth movement of connecting tissues. It also get rid of free radicals in the body and helps the knee overcome pains.

9. Eat Reduce salts: Recent research claims that foods that are low salt are very good in reducing knee pain but when you eat too much of salt, it may increase the effect of pains in the leg region. So, we suggest you eat foods that are low in salt when you have pains in the leg.

10. Take Warm Drink: it may be warm water, warm tea, warm food etc. This also helps to reduce pains in the leg but when you are having some pains and you are also taking cold water, it brings more pains. So, warm water doesn't have any side effects and its good to reduce knee pain.

In conclusion, as discussed in the article above, these foods are effective in reducing, preventing and helping in relief of knee pain. Just try as much as possible to reduce salt intake, drink or bath with warm water, eat cucumber, eat foods rich in Zinc (fish), eat foods rich in calcium (milk) and eat fruits and vegetables which contains some important vitamins that reduces knee pain without side effect. Thanks for reading.