What Does Excess Caffeine Consumption do to Human Health?

What are the negative effect of excess caffeine on the body? With the rate at which people drink caffeinated drinks, coffee, kola nut, and many more, I considered it very useful to write on the negative effect of too much of caffeine in the body either you are a man or woman, old or young.

If we realize the negative effect of caffeine, we will be able to adjust easily just to keep our health in good condition. Since we know health is wealth, then we must make our health the priority.

Caffeine effect on the heart, it has various negative effect on blood pressure by increasing it, it also have negative effect during pregnancy when it is consumed in excess and the greater effect is on the brain.

Caffeine is widely used by many food companies in many liquids available on the market, along with coffee, tea, sodas, and energy drinks also known as caffeinated drinks. But some people who love their health still get worried over the possible effect or poor results of caffeine? This query has led to many heated debates about the safety of caffeine intake.

Some individuals still consider it as too dangerous to devour massive amounts of caffeine on a daily basis, whilst others see that caffeine is a stimulant that allows them get some energy through the day.

In Moderation: research claim that to have discovered serious and bad outcomes of excess caffeine in the body. Although when taking in moderation, it helps the health. Some researchers are even claiming that caffeine in moderation can assist to prevention of health issues like cancers, coronary heart disease, migraines, headaches, etc.

Causes Diseases
:  one of the negative effect of excess caffeine in the body is that it could lead to diseases like anxiousness, irritability, insomnia, dizziness, complications, and heartburn.

These aspect outcomes are sincerely viable, however they commonly arise whilst consumed in big portions.

Affect the brain: excessive consumption of caffeine or caffeinated drinks do affect the brain in the sense that it causes fearlessness and since the brain controls all activities in the body, it may lead to brain related issues like depression, mental disorder, sleeplessness, and others.

Affect the heart: even when you think coffee or other caffeinated drinks gives you energy to carry out your day to day activities, too much consumption affect the heart operations which lead to issues like high blood pressure, hypertension, stroke etc. especially when you are old or more matured in age.
Caffeine Consumption

The American Medical Association shows that excessive caffeine consumption of no greater than three hundred milligrams a day-the equal of three cups of coffee is hazardous. If you are ingesting caffeine on a daily basis of multiple times per day then you need to reduce this to a moderate level. Just recall, that moderation is fundamental and the best.

In conclusion, these are the result of excess consumption of caffeine to human health i.e. negative effect of caffeinated drinks or stuffs.Remember excess caffeine affects the heart by causing high blood pressure, hypertension or other heart related diseases. According to what we discussed in the body of the articles, too much of caffeine or caffeinated drinks affect the brain leading to brain related diseases like depression, mental disorder and migraine. Generally, excess consumption of caffeine causes various type of diseases and it’s not good for human health. Thanks for reading.