6 Things to do when Sudden High Blood Pressure Occur at Night

What to do when sudden high blood pressure occur at night?

I decided to write on what to do when a case of sudden high blood pressure happens at night based on the fact that I was part of those who could tell a story on hypertension after my mum died of this life threatening ailments which occur at night.
High Blood Pressure

I travelled on a Sunday afternoon where I left my home with my mum smiling and waving at me and saying good buy. She looks healthy, strong and with all smiles. But I was shocked later that night that she's been rushed to a nearby hospital where she gave up the ghost.

I got the report of her death and it was clearly started that she died of sudden high blood pressure which primarily means hypertension. Her blood pressure was raised over the normal and she was seen gasping for breath although she was placed on an ambulance with life saving machine and oxygen for respiration.

In our previous post, i decided to let you know some of the things that could lead to sudden high blood pressure or hypertension and possible solution in case it happens at night and there nobody to call. Some which includes Stress, Excessive thinking, too much salt, Ageing, Being overweight, Being careless, Excess fatty foods, Illiteracy, Pregnancy, Smoking etc.

But what do we do if a case of sudden high blood pressure occur at night?

1. Don't panic: If you noticed your blood pressure is raised above the normal either through your test kits or you noticed some signs of high BP then you don't need to panic. Just seek for helps and sit on a chair with your leg straight touching the floor. It means you don't need to lie down but sit.

2. Call the doctor: If your blood pressure suddenly got increased at night or during the day, consult your doctor by calling him, seeking an ambulance or just tell your husband, wife or children to drive you down to the hospital for proper treatments. If not, its will be too risky to believe you can manage it yourself especially during the night.

3. High BP drugs: In some of your visits to the hospital, you must have been given some drugs that reduce high blood pressure even if its sudden. I have seen people with hypertension or high blood pressure live long only by taking their drugs as priority. Let your drugs always be around you just in case. Ask your doctor to prescribe drugs that can reduce a sudden high blood pressure and keep it at home, in the car or in your bag.

4. High BP herbs: I have seen some good herbs that works very well for reducing high blood pressure. If you are BP patients, endeavour to have some of these herbs at home and take it if anything occur especially at night.

5. Nearby Hospital: Before my mum died some years ago of high blood pressure, she had a crisis before then at night and we took her to a nearby hospital which really helps at that time. If issues like this happen at night, get in touch with the nearest hospital in your area and go there for first aid treatments. This will help you safe time and reduce possible risk of death especially if your family clinic is far from your house.

6. Learn to prevent it; how do you do that, you learn to find ways of reducing the high blood pressure so that you don't experience any thing at night. You need to always avoid doing the following like too much stress, overnight work, lack of sleep, excessive thinking, too much salt, being overweight, being careless, excess fatty foods, Illiteracy, pregnancy, and too much of smoking.

In conclusion, these are things you can do to avoid or prevent possible case of sudden high blood pressure at night. But if it happens, find means of getting to an nearby hospital or consult your doctor. Thanks for reading.


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