8 Apr 2018

10 Possible Causes of Sudden High Blood Pressure

What could be cause of sudden high blood pressure in both men and women?

I decided to write on common causes of sudden high blood pressure based on the fact that I was part of those who could tell a story on hypertension after my mum died of this life threatening ailments. 
 High Blood Pressure?

I travelled on a Sunday afternoon where I left my home with my mum smiling and waving at me and saying good buy. She looks healthy, strong and with all smiles. But I was shocked later that night that she's been rushed to a nearby hospital where she finally gave up the ghost just like that.

I got the report of her death and it was clearly started that she died of sudden high blood pressure which primarily means hypertension. Her blood pressure was raised over the normal and she was seen gasping for breath although she was placed on an ambulance with life saving machine and oxygen for respiration.

I decided to let you know some of the things that could lead to sudden high blood pressure or hypertension in both men and women and possible solution in case it happens at night and there is nobody to call.

The possible causes of sudden high blood pressure includes;

1. Stress: one of the cause of sudden high blood pressure is when the body is exposed to too much of stress. At matured age like over 45yrs, you need to find time to relax, rest and sleep very well at night. Working too much and skipping night sleep in order to cover up for next day may lead to not only sudden high blood pressure but stroke.

2. Excessive thinking: worrying over your failed marriage, lack of money, bad health, poor performance, failing business, poverty etc could lead to sudden high blood pressure which is the primary cause of hypertension, cardiac arrest and stroke. You can overcome  these buy making yourself free of thinking and worry.

3. Too much salt; I can categorically tell you that a sudden increase in high blood pressure can occur when you eat too much salt as an adult. Salt contains sodium ion and chloride ion which disrupt the activities of the heart. The major function of sodium metal in the body is heart pressure and too much content causes sudden high BP.

4. Ageing: Generally, ageing process may also come along with high blood pressure. You cannot guarantee that as you grow older, you won't be having any ailment. Some people ageing process come with sight problem, some with diabetes, some with pains while the common one is high blood pressure. It means that as you older, you check your diets and other things you do that may trigger the blood pressure effect.

5. Being overweight: at matured age, obesity or being overweight may lead to sudden high blood pressure. It good to maintain your weight as you grow older because it helps the heart and it vessels. Sudden high blood pressure occurs when there's a blockage in the blood vessels which carries oxygen and other materials from other part of the body. But your weight loss programs like exercises and dieting will go a long way in clearing all fats or blockages in the blood vessels like the arteries, muscles, veins etc.

6. Being careless; carelessness of the health could be a terrible thing when it comes to blood pressure. Many people are walking corpse because they don't monitor their BPs frequently either they have high blood pressure or not. The cases of death which arises due to falling or slumping is because such person didn't by now his or her heath status.

7. Excess fatty foods: when others are thinking of how they can reduce their high blood pressure, some will just rise suddenly due to bad diet foods like fatty foods. Junks, foods with animal fat, high cholesterol foods are contributors to having a high blood pressure especially for older people.

8. Illiteracy: apart from carelessness, illiteracy is also a big factor that lead to high blood pressure. For people who are old or overweight, you need to check your blood pressure often and often. There are blood pressure test kits which are electronic and cheap and can be purchased anywhere. But some people don't even know that this should be done. Some even believe in their look or health status without testing for it. Then how would you reduce high blood pressure if you don't know your status.

9. Pregnancy: my sister never had high blood pressure all her life but she developed one during the later part of her pregnancy. It was then I noticed that some ladies can developed a high blood pressure suddenly due to pregnancy. Although, high blood pressure doing pregnancy should be managed properly so that it want create more health problems.

10. Smoking: smokers are liable to due young which is clearly stated in the advert of cigarette on TV, radios or newspapers but some people want listen. Even even people in hot climates, people living in the tropics like some part of Africa do smoke. Apart from lungs problem, smoking can also lead to sudden high blood pressure either you have it before or not.

In conclusion,  get ways of reducing high blood pressure by identifying the various  possible of sudden high blood pressure or hypertension which are discussed in this and some of them includes Stress, Excessive thinking, too much salt, Ageing, Being overweight, Being careless, Excess fatty foods, Illiteracy, Pregnancy, Smoking. Thanks for reading.

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