The Best way to Consume Vitamin C Naturally

What are the best ways to Consume Vitamin C Naturally? The role of vitamins in the body or in our body is so numerous and cannot be under quantified. Vitamins helps in body and cell development, body and cell metabolism, fight diseases and repair of worn out tissues.
Vitamin C

The function and role of vitamins seems to be more important to health even more than other vitamins only that these vitamins have their own special role they play concerning the health especially vitamin C.

We all know that eating oranges like king orange, lime, lemon, sweet orange etc suggest accumulation of Vitamin C to our body system which is right. Some people will even ask their doctor that is Vitamin C supplements better than natural source of Vitamins which I doubt.

Vitamin C is a completely essential nutrient for human cell and human body because its play a superb role as an effective antioxidant and also fight against diseases in the body. Vitamin C also saves people from free radicals that can harm organs, tissues, and cells in the body system.

The antioxidant is also used to prevent and treat harmful and flu syndromes. In fact Vitamin C is the basis of human health and also play major role in improving the immune system.

According to findings, Vitamin C also helps in the formation of collagen in the body which serves as a connective tissue that is located in skin cells, tooth, and bones area. This vitamin then provide aid and form to the body system, to assist heal the injuries, and to maintain wholesome blood vessels.

Some research have additionally linked vitamin C with its ability to prevent a number of cancers cases, to reduce the risk of coronary heart disorder, to extend lifestyles, and to make the skin healthy.

Natural source of Vitamin C.
Vitamin C is Known as ascorbic acid, which is a kind of water soluble vitamins and can be stored inside the body frame or stored for later use. The body system makes use of what it wishes and the rest is handed inside the urine. Thus, Vitamin C must be taken each day so that the body get the required amount it needs to live healthy.

Consuming Vitamin C rich food especially the natural one is a absolutely the appropriate way to fulfill it.

So, the natural source of vitamin C that are good for eating include;

1. Citrus; Citrus are fruits like oranges, tangerine, lemons, limes, and grapefruits are outstanding sources of natural vitamin C which are good for consumption.

2. Vegetables: Another source of vitamin C are vegetables. Not only fruits are natural source of Vitamin C but you also can locate Vitamin C naturally in fresh vegetables like pumpkin, water leaf, spinach, tomatoes, cabbage, asparagus, and leafy greens.

3. Fruit juice: One of the best way to consume vitamin C the natural way is to try out with fresh juice. These fresh juice like orange juice, pineapple juice, watermelon juice etc are also good source of Vitamin C. Instead of drinking alcohol and bear, you can do yourself lot of good by taking these fruit juice.
4. Vitamin C Supplements: As a substitute, you can also take supplements to complete your lack of Vitamin C requirement to your body frame. Natural source of Vitamin C can also be gotten from dietary supplements just like you have in citrus fruits. These dietary supplements are generally in form of capsules or tablets, making it less difficult so one can acquire sufficient amount or quantity of Vita C; if you don't have sufficient time to consume the natural source listed earlier in the article.

Finally, I can also add that you can include more vegetables in your food, eat fresh fruits as many times as possible and also eat more supplements so as to stay healthy and fit. Thanks for reading.