Does Lack of Vitamin D Cause Cancer?

What are the reasons why lack of vitamin D could cause Cancer? I was listening to a session on doctors forum where cases of cancer are discussed and questions are tabled and answered. But someone asked the doctors that "Can lack of Vitamin D lead to cancer?" The answer that was given is what brought about this post because I want everyone of us to learn and get some useful cancer tips.

Based on the few knowledge we had then in college, we are made to know that the early morning sun contains vitamin D and the same theories proved that overexposure to sun rays do lead to growth of cancer cells in the body especially on the skin which may lead to skin cancer.

The answer: Lack of Vitamin D in the body of adult may lead to various types of cancer based on the explanation discussed as you read on with this post.

According to research done some years back, Dr. Cedric Garland and Frank, proposed that many instances of cancer in people were due to lack of vitamin D in their body. Vitamin D which is used to treat cases of rickets, which is a disorder of bones in children and adults which makes their bones to bend.

The Garland and Frank showed that people who live in regions like the Northern part of US or world are susceptible to 2 times as many colon cancer deaths as individuals who stay in the South. These scientist also explained that very few people especially Americans meet their needs for daily proportion of the required quantity of Vitamin D.

The intensity of Sunlight is more in the Northern regions than people in the south with cooler climates. This means that people in the Northern area have abundant sunlight which leads to availability of Vitamin D than people of the South who have access to little Vitamin D.

Another facts states that around 35% of most African American ladies have low blood ranges of Vit D when compared to the figure of 4.0% in Caucasians. The stats shows that African Americans are much more likely to suffer from Vit D deficiency than Caucasians.

Studies also shows that Lack of vitamin D interferes with immunity and the body ability to kill germs in the body and most cancers cells. Every day, the human body system makes millions of most cancers cells but your body immunity then filters out these cells and prevents them from developing to something serious like cancer growth. When immunity is impaired, the most cancers cells can grow to shape stable cancers, along with cancer of the breast, prostate or colon.

According to explanation of the doctors, we were made to know that all guys who have broaden prostate can develop cancers if stay lengthy enough without seeing the doctor. But the average Caucasian develops prostate most cancers after age 80yrs, even as the common African American develops it many years earlier.

People of this dark color require some more distance from ultraviolet light to make Vit D than the ones who have lighter skins. I will like you to know that lack of  Vitamin D damages immunity which results to cancers, diabetes and infections.

Recommendation: My recommendation is that we all need to find ways of eating more foods rich in Vitamin D either naturally or by supplements. A man or woman with light skin can get enough quantity of Vitamin D by spending some minutes staying in the early morning sun each day, but the darker your skin, the extra solar exposure you need to fulfill your day by day necessities of Vitamin D.
Vitamin D

During the winter months in Northern regions of USA, even mild skinned men and women could have difficulty accumulating their needs from sunlight. You can get a good quantity of Vitamin D from vitamin dietary supplements, fish oils, fish or fortified cereals. If you are not sure of not getting sufficient quantity of Vitamin D from food or sunlight, you may visit your physician and request a blood test for vitamin D. 

But if your blood level of Vit D is under 10 mg/liter, you have to increase your intake of over 20% of micro-grams of vitamin D every day which i believe may help you protect yourself from cancer and infections. Women will also be protecting their future toddlers from cancer through this method. Thanks for reading.