Are Pesticides The Cause of Cancer?

Can pesticides cause cancer? During our days I mean the old days in the college, the science students are made to belief that pesticides are the primary cause of cancer which I partly believe.

But based on my findings and recent research result on causes of cancer, I noticed that the causes of cancer are not really defined especially in homes and in farms but the only straight answer to that is that cancer can be caused by exposure to radiations or cancer cells which later spread to other part of the body to start developing into slow growth of cancer cells.

You and i know that of all the poisonous, man-made chemicals observed in the environment nowadays,  chemicals like pesticides and insecticides are probably the most common because they help to kill insect and other pest. Pesticides are used on a big scale by farmers to prevent insect, pest or bugs from eating their crops and keeping their farm risk to the minimum level.

But on the other hand, other chemicals like rodenticides, avicides, herbicides etc also helps to control pest in one way or the other even in our homes but these chemicals contain carbons, fuel materials and other dangerous chemicals that may result to cancerous growth in the body.

Scientists and experts identified that without a doubt low doses of these chemicals, nerve gases could wiped out bugs, however did not seem to have an effect on human beings or animals.

The facts
But the simple truth is that, while pesticides are sprayed in the surroundings, they begin to accumulate and finally attain poisonous concentrations in our water components and in the tissues of animals, fish and people around that area. Over time, these pollution (some of which are carcinogenic) have terrible affects on the animal or character who has ingested them.

As we all can see that it's been difficult to show that on long term result that low dose or exposures to pesticides result to most cancers. It generally takes decades after the exposures for cancer to increase but it actually exist with time. 

However, over the years, a strong case has been constructed linking pesticides with most cancers and their use has been decreased. There is likewise an abundance of proof displaying that folks that worked with positive insecticides and did no longer take suitable precautions have become sick with time

In conclusion, some of these chemicals like pesticides and insecticides do result to cancer after being accumulated in the body for so long, I mean several years. The toxicity accumulates and lead to cancer. Thanks for reading.