7 Effective Ways of Preventing Stretch Marks during Pregnancy

What are the effective ways to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy? We have discussed some topics on stretch marks and how to cure or prevent it but now, we will looking at pregnant women and the various ways they can get rid of stretch marks during this period.
stretch marks during pregnancy

During our previous discussion on stretch marks, we were made to know few information on stretch marks, the causes, the prevention, and how to cure it. One of the major causes of stretch marks is pregnancy which means pregnant women are likely to have stretch marks after birth due to stretched skin.

Stretch marks
are the worst enemies for girls because it makes their skin unattractive. But when ladies are pregnant, there is a 75% tendency for them to develop stretch marks on their skin.

Stretch marks have a tendency to appear or develop on body parts as the baby bump get bigger during pregnancy especially in the chest region, boobs area, hips, waist, neck, thigh etc.

Although genetics also made it known that stretch marks during pregnancy can be hereditary I.e if the mother of a lady do have stretch marks during her time of pregnancy, then the hereditary factor can also apply to the lady during pregnancy.

So, the various ways to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy effectively includes;

1. Eat more fibers; one of the proven ways to prevent or get rid of stretch during pregnancy is to eat more fiber foods. Fiber food regimen helps to maintain your weight at a regular pace. Eating healthily in slight quantities might be precise because it will now not result into extra weight gains that might end result on developing stretch marks.

2. Drink more water
: As a pregnant woman, you have to drink at least 7 glass cups of water a day to keep a nice hydrated skin which can also help you keep your weight between 25-35 kilo.

3. Do some exercise: One of the ways to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy is to do some exercises. Exercising the body like several times per week keeps the body smooth and healthy. You may not exercise your body more than 1hr.

But be sure to have a bottle of water available to maintain your self hydrated every minute. Exercising will help your body to keep a steady weight. But do not overdo it while you are carrying a baby. If you begin feeling dizzy or exhausted by any cause during a exercise, STOP EXERCISING! I could advise you to go to see a physician right away.
4. Eat some vitamins: To avoid having stretch marks during pregnancy, you need to some vitamins or take as many as possible vitamins each day. Vitamins help you maintain a healthy frame with its complete potential each day. Also, vitamins helps to builds up your pores and skin's hydration and versatility heading off any unhealthy stretch.

5. Massage: Massage also favors pregnant women in every aspect. You may massage the areas you do not want stretch marks to come up. Massaging the pores and skin helps it to stretch in a healthful and natural way that does not expand stretch marks.

6. Mild moisturizer: Moisturizing and hydrating your pores and skin as a pregnant woman is a priority and the key to stopping stretch marks in women and nursing mothers generally. Get yourself an excellent first-class pores and skin moisturizer to maintain a well hydrated pores and skin each time.

7. Stretch mark cream: stretch marks cream also works for women during pregnancy. You only need to apply it to some selected area where the stretch marks is possible to show up.

Following those recommendations as a woman carrying a baby, it will save help save you from any stretch marks throughout pregnancy. It will no longer only assist your skin but also assist you to develop a healthy child that will be very beautiful or handsome. Thanks for reading.