10 Feb 2018

8 Warning Signs of Breast Cancer Women Shouldn’t Ignore

What are the Cancer warning Signs and symptoms women should not ignore? After an extensive research on various type of cancer, I noticed that the best cure of cancer or the best way to prevent cancer is to early detection of any unusual growth in some part of the body. In our previous post, we have discussed various warning signs of other type of cancer like lung cancer, stomach cancer, colon cancer and many more which can be gotten by searching through the site.

What is Breast Cancer? This is one of the killer diseases that affect people and it has killed many women globally especially if some early warning signs are not reported as early as possible.  Breast cancer is the condition where there is an unusual growth of cancerous cells around the breast area. Its may start with development of lumps and the gene also plays an important role especially in the spread of the cancer cells in the body and not only in the breast area.

Breast cancer can be caused by family history which is also known as hereditary, menstruation, excess intake of alcohol, smoking, exposure to carcinogens, excess contraceptives, drugs abuse, late menopause.

But now, we will be looking at the warning signs of breast cancer women shouldn’t ignore which I believe we will all learn few things as you read on with this post.

Below are some of the warning signs of breast cancer you shouldn’t ignore as a woman and you must see your doctor as quick as possible if you observe any of these signs in your breast area or region. You don’t need to panic or get scared if you are currently experiencing any of these but see your doctor quickly. These warning signs are:

1.  Sudden change in the size of breast: Based on my findings, the most common way to prevent yourself from breast cancer is to identify the early signs or warning size of your breast. When there is a sudden change in the size of breast, it may be due to pregnancy, sexual feeling, or menstruation but if not any of these, it may be due to the activities of some cancerous cells growing around that region and you must see your doctor immediately.

2. Prolong Signs of rash or redness: Another warning signs of possible case of breast cancer and shouldn’t be ignored are signs like prolong redness or rash around the breast area. The presence of prolong redness or rash around the breast area could be as a result of activities of cancer cells and growth which has affected that region. This signs is a warning signs every woman need to take seriously and consult your doctor as early as possible.

3.  Sudden change in skin look: I could recall an early cancer symptom of a diseased woman who died some years back. She noticed some changes in her skin texture but she didn’t take it seriously until the growth is fully manifested and couldn’t be treated again and she died of breast cancer. So, I will advice ladies to take note and shouldn’t ignore any signs of skin peels or changes in the skin look or texture.

4. Disfigured Niple: When the niple is being disfigured, inverted and look like a navel pushed inward then such look shouldn’t be ignored. Although most ladies and women have different niples but if yours suddenly changed or get inverted, you should see your doctor because it might be a sign of breast cancer.

5. Prolonged Brest Pain: When the pain in the breast size is becoming longer than usual, it may be due to the growth of cancer cells if after you treat yourself of pains and the pain still persist. Condition of this nature should be reported to the doctor especially when it begins to cause discomfort when you put on the bra.
Breast Cancer

6. Swelling of the breast: another notable warning signs of breast cancer you need not ignore is swelling of the breast. You may think its pregnancy sign, or issues but when any condition of swelling around the breast area is experienced then such should be reported to the doctor as quick as possible for possible test and cancer diagnosis which is mainly done by certified professional in the area of cancer treatments.

7.  Presence of lumps or mass: Lumps is a common warning signs that should be noted. This is an unusual growth that looks like a mass shouldn’t be ignored.

In conclusion, the listed tips above are the common warning signs of breast cancer women shouldn’t ignore. Do not ignore symptoms or signs like lumps, swelling of the breast, redness or rash, prolong nipple pains, swelling of breast, change in breast size and inverted nipple signs. Remember that early signs detection is the best way to prevent breast cancer and I will advice women to go for weekly or monthly breast examination procedure by your doctor because it helps in early detention. Thanks for reading. 


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