5 Feb 2018

7 Common Warning Signs of Prostate Cancer we need to Know

What are the warning signs of prostate cancer men need to know? In some of our previous post where more cancer related topics have been discussed, I haven’t been so specific on prostrate but other cancer signs like lungs, colon, esophagus, throat, skin and other have been discussed. Feel free to search through the site to see some of these cancer topics as discussed.

I always tell people that the best way to cure or prevent cancer is when you and I are able to locate and report any suspicious growth in our body system as fast as possible and I believe this also applies to prostate cancer as well.

This will help the doctors know how to prevent this growth fast and am sure the best treatment of cancer will be administered only if you tell your doctor as early as possible.

What is prostate cancer? This is an abnormal cancerous growth that occur in men who are older or more matured in age. It starts as a tumor cell growth but later becomes bigger and out of control when left untreated because it spreads to any cells around prostate region of the body and too many other areas of the body.

According to my findings, prostate cancer is slow in growth when compared with other cancer type. It may even stay longer for years like 20 to 25yrs but it get manifested around age 50yrs above. This growth is usually found around the urinary system of older men and it may also be mixed with urine or sperm as the case may be.

Many people who have prostate cancer usually don’t have any feeling, pains or symptoms especially at the early state but the cancerous cell increases, the following signs are seen and must be taken with all seriousness just to avert any case of prostate cancer in the body. These signs are;

1.    Urinary Issues: According to my finding and research on prostate cancer, one of the common warning signs of prostate in men is urinary problems. Urinary problems start with growth of cancer cells in the urinary tube that carries urine from our bladder organ and pass through the urethra. So, since there is a growth there, such individual may find trouble or pains in urinating. 

2.   Retention of urine: Another cancer warning signs men should always take note of is prolong urine retention. Prolong urine retention is described as having problem passing out urine from the urinary bladder. This occur due to unusual growth of tumor cells along the prostate area.

This will cause a blockage in the flow of urine and it became painful and you need to see your doctor as quick as possible for tis.

3.  Pains at sitting: one of the common warning signs of prostate cancer is painful sitting. Painful sitting is caused by excess growth of cancerous cells or tumor in the prostate.

4.  Body pains: another warning symptoms of cancer which men ought to take note is when they begin to observe body pains in their body. It’s been known that when cancer spread around the prostate, it spreads to other part of the body as well like the hips, leg, thigh, pelvic, elbow, stomach etc. all which come along with body pains.

5.  Back pain: another warning signs of cancer which men ought to take note is when they begin to observe pains at their back. Like I said earlier that it’s been known that when cancer spread around the prostate, it spreads to other part of the body as well as the back.
Prostate Cancer

6.  Kidney problems: one of the symptoms of cancer we need to know and take note of is kidney problem. This occurs when cancer cells begins to grow and block the organs and cells that help pass out urine from the kidney to the bladder since the kidney is the organ that does this. And you know that when the kidney fails or couldn’t perform it operation, it may lead to excess storage of waste or toxic product in the body which is a serious problem.

7.  Sexual problem: prostate cancer cause sexual dysfunction or sexual related problems not only in men of matured age but even the younger people may also experience this. One of the notable signs and symptoms of this is weak erection or painful ejaculation.  This occur due to growth of cancerous cells in the prostate which finds its0031 way into the urinary tube and later to the urethra. 

In conclusion, as discussed in the article body above, the warning signs of prostate cancer men need to know are sexual problem (painful ejaculation), kidney problem, back pain, body pain, sitting pain, urine retention and urinary issues. In case you notice any abnormal growth in your body or any of the following signs or symptoms, please consult your doctor as fast as possible. Thanks for reading.


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