9 Cheapest and Effective Weight Loss Plan for Year 2018

What are the weight loss plans that are cheap and effective in 2018? I welcome you to the New Year 2018 which I believe is going to be the best ever in every areas of life including health and fitness. I noticed that many people complained about the previous year that many of the weight loss plans they bought in stores, some which they read and videos on weight loss really didn't work and are less effective.

But we are in the New Year now and I will be providing you with the best information on how to lose weight fast which is cheap, free and effective. But now, we will be looking at the best weight loss plans for the year 2018 which are the cheapest and also effective for people who want to lose weight fast at little or no cost.

1. Cardiovascular exercise: cardio exercises have shown to be the best and most effective weight loss program in 2017. This was based on fact and figures gathered all round the internet and through fitness expert as the most effective ways to lose weight fast. Cardio exercises are exercises that increases breathing like fast jogging, running, staircase climbing, skipping, skiing, and many more. So, try to do cardio exercise in 2018 and you will get a fast weight loss result with no cost.

2. Exercises: Exercises like jogging, running, walking, yoga, skiing, etc have also shown to be the cheapest and most effective weight loss program in 2017. This was also based on various facts gathered all round the internet and through fitness expert as the most effective ways to lose weight fast. Exercises helps to burn fat, shed weight and increases body metabolism. So, try to do some exercise in 2018 and you will get fast weight loss results that are really cheap or affordable.

3. Walking: based on experience, I did a lot of waking in 2017 and when I checked my pics before and now, I can see a lot of different in which I look slimmer and better. I can now wear any kind of fitted shirt I desire, this makes me conclude that walking as a weight loss exercise still remains a top cheap weight loss plan or program which is also effective especially for weight losers in 2018.

Walking is good, it is cheap, effective, and requires expert ideas or time frame.

4. Just water: research claims that the body needed almost or more than 6 glass cups of water daily for easy digestion and metabolism. So, to continue to lose weight in 2018, you will need to drink more water and shun sugary foods or soft drink consumption in excess. It helps in digestion of food particles which makes you go slimmer and trimmer cheaply and effective.

5. Coffee: One of the things that will help you lose weight in 2018 is drinking of coffee. Taking coffee contains caffeine which gives energy and improves body activity. Doing this also makes you slimmer without adding more fat to the body.

6. Shun fatty foods: when you shun junks or fatty foods, there is tendency you won't be adding more weight but losing weight. Not only does that, foods fried with animal fat and oil add more fat to the body. All these fatty should be shun or avoided in 2018 and this will serve as a kind of cheap weight loss program which is effective as well.
weight loss plan in 2018

7. Eating fiber foods: when we talk of weight loss plans in 2018, I believe fiber foods should be among the top recommendations because it aids digestion, increases body metabolism, and it also helps to get rid of fat in the body. And the truth is that fiber foods like wholegrain, cabbage, cucumber, garden egg, carrot etc are also good for weight loss which could be achieved in 2018.

8. Eating less: in the later part of 2017, I decided to eat less when I do eat anytime, anyhow and anywhere. But I realized eating less of fatty foods, eating less of bread, less margarine foods, cakes, biscuit etc all helped me not to add more weight. This cheap weight loss plans and ideas will also be employed in 2018 and I am also recommending this idea for you in 2018.

9. Do not skip breakfast; it’s a fallacy to read about weight loss plan that states you shouldn't eat breakfast or dinner because you want to lose weight. It’s not right and cannot make you lose weight but add more weight when you see food and eat more. So, try as much as possible to eat well like more balanced diet and water as breakfast.

In conclusion, just as we have discussed in the article above, the cheapest and effective weight loss ideas for 2018 above works well for people in 2017 and I believe it will also work well in 2018. Don't forget to do more cardio exercises, more exercises, avoid excess sugar, drink more water, drink coffee, and eat more fruits, vegetables and fiber foods. Thanks for reading. 


  1. Thanks for the new year health tips, this year is gonna be a great year 2018


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