6 Dec 2017

How to Lose Weight fast Before Joining the Military

What are the ways to lose weight before joining the military? Someone said that she want me to state or discuss various ways to lose weight fast before joining the military. This guy also stress it further and said that hes been selected to write the military test and training in few days time which means he needs some weight loss ideas that are fast or quick. But in the mean time, joining the military isn't an easy thing especially if you are the type that has been failing their screening probably due to weight gain which makes it tough for you. So, during the course of making my findings on this topic on weight loss and military, I noticed that it is actually possible for people to lose weight before going for military training or let say before joining the military due to being overweight. But as you read on with this post, you will be learning more of these ways to help you lose weight fast before military screening exercise.

Is it possible to lose weight fast before military screening or training?
My candid answer to this is that it is very possible through the power of information, i mean getting the right information the right time. But there are various or different things to do to lose weight as quickly as possible before you go the next military exercise or before you join which are discussed as you read further below in this article.

The various ways to lose weight fast before joining the military includes;

1. Do Some Exercise; One of the best way to lose weight fast before going for military screening or before joining the military is to do some exercise on regular basis. Few exercises like running, walking, fast jogging, running, skipping, hurdles, yoga etc are good exercises that helps to get rid of burn off excess fat from the body and improve blood circulation in the body as well as body metabolism which really helps to get rid of fat gradually. Exercise not only helps to lose weight but to also maintain the weight and keeps the weight loss last longer.So, for before your next military screening or test, try to do some exercises to lose weight.

2. Dieting: If you are instructed to lose weight before your military test or before you decided to joining the military but you are fat or overweight, only need to try do some dieting. Dieting is wide in ideas and it also mean a lot to people but I will like you to see dieting as a weight loss plan that involves restrictions from a particular kind of goods especially fatty foods or junks food. Dieting can help you lose weight fast before going for surgery because it has no side effect. But you also need to eat more proteins, vitamins, little carbohydrate, more fiber foods and little or no foods cooked with animal fat.

3.  Eating fiber;
one of the best and effective fast weight loss ideas before joining the military is fiber consumption. Do you know that eating fiber foods like cabbage, wheat, garden egg, and whole grains generally are the best way to lose weight fast. Fiber foods can't make you add more weight instead it aid digestion and helps to get rid of excess fat in the body. Continuous eating fiber foods help to keep your weight loss for a long period of time and you loss a considerable amount of weight before your next military screening which helps you lose some fat.

4. Low calorie foods: Before going for your next military training or screening for those who are overweight or fat, you can lose weight by eating low calorie foods. Low calorie food are food that are rich and moderate in carbohydrate but low in fat or calories that makes people grow or accumulate too much of fat. You can eat light foods that contain a well balance diet and shun food that contains animal fat or junks.

5.  Eat Fruits and vegetables: Before joining the military, you need to figure out few weight loss tips such as eating of fruits and veggies. one of the best and fast weight loss ideas I can recommend in this kind of situation is to try as much as possible to eat more fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables contains water, fiber, and enzymes that aids digestion, increases body metabolism and also burn or get rid of excess fat in the body.

6. Weight loss surgery: Before you join the military, you can lose weight fast by going for a weight loss surgery and shortly after, you can leave some time before the test. weight loss surgery is one of the best options to eradicate excess fat in the body and lose weight fast especially when it poses risk to the body. It is fast, effective but might be expensive especially in countries outside USA and UK. It involves using surgical method to get rid of fat in the body and an example is gastric bypass surgery.

7. Eat Less sugary foods: eating less sugar or less sugary food items is one of the best way to lose weight fast before you join the military especially if you are fat or if you need to get rid of excess fat in your body to stay fit during before the military screening and also keep it for a very long period of time or forever as long as you just avoid taking too much of it.The end product of too much of sugar is a fatty components called glycogen which can make you fat even when you don't eat fat

8. Do more Walking: I use to say this every time that walking is a good exercise to lose weight fast, slowly or gradually but it’s actually effective over a long period of time. Walking keeps you fit, it helps to get rid of excess fat fast and slow and can be used to maintain a body weight for over a long period of time. Walking also improve blood circulation throughout the body which helps to prevent diseases like obesity, stroke, and heart related diseases. And it is recommended as a fast weight loss idea before joining a military.

In conclusion, as discussed in the article body above, the various ways to lose weight fast before you go for a military screening or test are listed and explained above. Thanks for reading. 


  1. I really love this post you've posted on weight loss and military. When I wanted to join the US Marine corps, I need to just cut down on my fat so as to stay slim and fit.

  2. This can be used to set out your targets, how you are going to achieve them, and changes as they occur.Tips to Lose Weight


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