18 Nov 2017

How to Lose Weight Gradually and Fast

What are the ways to lose weight Gradually and fast? I am fan of a gradual process of losing weight but I noticed that not everybody will like to lose weight the fastest ways especially when the weight loss plan recommended seems to be tough but there are gradual ways to lose weight which are also very effective when it comes to losing body weight.

Gradual ways to lose weight is one of the best ways to achieve good result simply because gradual weight methods are usually better and very effective. It also doesn't have side effect and that is why people prefer this weight loss method compared to faster method like excess dieting and exercise. Gradual but fast ways to lose weight are also very safe, cheap and very good as an option.

So, the ways to lose weight gradually and quick includes;

1. Do Exercises: When you are used to doing some sport or exercises, you would be getting rid of excess fat in your system. Exercising the body can be fast or gradual in terms of getting results but it becomes a slow method if you do it once in a while or less rigorously. You could ensure you jog, run, do some skipping exercises, speed walking and many more. Exercising the body also prevents diseases apart of its primary function for losing weight.

2. Do Some Cardio exercise
: Not everybody like a magical ways to lose weight but i can tell you that cardio exercises are one of the best ways to lose weight gradually and fast. Cardio exercises like hurdles, skipping, stair climbing, running, jogging etc are fast option to lose weight but it becomes gradual and effective when you only do some of these exercise in a while and not always.

3. Walking Exercises: walking is one of the best ways to lose weight gradually and quick according to research and study. But the truth still remains that walking exercises is a slow way to burn off fat and stay healthy. Walking requires nothing from you, its relatively cheap and easy. Gradually, it helps to get rid of extra fat, increases body metabolism and aid digestion. Walking also prevent heart related diseases and can make you maintain your weight gradually and effectively.

4. Eat More fibers: Many times, I always tell people that one of the gradual ways to lose weight fast is by eating a lot fiber foods although it’s slow in getting weight loss results. Fiber foods are foods that contain more fibers contents and water. These foods don’t make people to get fat but instead it helps to maintain weight through fast digestion and fast body and cell metabolism.

5. Eat Low sugar: if you want to achieve a weight loss gradually and fast then try as much as possible to eat less sugar or avoid any sugary drinks. I prefer to take water than any of those candy and soft drinks. Excess sugar in the body can cause weight gain since water can be stored as glycogen which is fatty components.
6. Fruits and veggies: you should eat more fruits and vegetables if you want to lose weight either fast or gradually. Fruits and vegetables contain water, fibers, vitamins and enzyme that will breakdown fat and food particles fast and it helps to lose weight slowly and safe.
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7. Eat Less bread: I noticed that when I stopped to eat more quantities of bread, my weight was reducing gradually. Which means that if you eat less of it, you stand a chance of not getting fat. The fact still remain that bread is high in calories and excess consumption will lead to extra fat in the body.

8. Eat Less fatty foods
: I also noticed that one of the things that makes people get fat is consumption of too much of fatty foods which because slow digestion and fat accumulation. So, to lose weight fast and gradually, you need to eat less or avoid eating fatty foods.

In conclusion, these are some of the things that make people lose weight gradually but fast.. Remember that you must eat less of fatty foods, eat less bread, eat low sugary food items, eat more fruits and vegetables, eat more fibers, and do some exercises like walking and others.Thanks for reading. 

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  1. The problem with me is even though I'm working out everyday and eating less carbs, I'm still not fit. I can't seem to eliminate the saggy fat. Now, I'm considering to undergo liposuction fat removal, the con is it will burn a hole in my pocket :(


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