13 Nov 2017

How to lose weight fast without starving

what are the ways to lose weight fast without starvation? What a good question I receive from a reader who said he want to the possible solutions to losing weight as fast as possible without starving and I decided to post the answers in
 a post form so that everybody can learn from this weight ideas.

It is possible to lose weight quickly without starving compared to other weight loss plans or tutorial online or in stores. I also noticed that so many weight loss plans and ideas right now can make you starve because you won't be allowed to eat some foods which many people called dieting.

So, the weight loss ideas that works fast without starving includes;

1. Cardio exercise: one of the best ways to lose weight quickly without starving oneself is by cardio exercises. These exercises are exercises that make you breathe faster because it uses so much energy and has been proven to be the best in burning excess fat in the body. Examples of cardio exercises are stairs climbing, jogging, skipping, running, and other sports like sprint, soccer, basketball etc All these exercises increase breath and allows you to eat any kind of food.

2. Other exercises: not only cardio  exercises do give a fast result when income to weight loss or losing weight but other exercise apart from cardio exercises like walking, speed walking, light jogging, walking with machines etc. All these exercise may be a bit slow but actually work because it increases body metabolism, aid digestion and burn the excess fat in the body. These exercises don’t really require to starve oneself but to eat well.

3. Taking some coffee: if you noticed you are getting fat, you can fasten your digestion and body metabolism rate by taking some coffee with low sugar and milk. I noticed coffee contains some active substance which prevents fat accumulation in the school. You eat any type of food you like as long as you take some coffee frequently for weight reduction.

4. Green tea: one of the oldest ways of losing weight very fast drinking something is through green tea. This has been a secret used by the Chinese and Japanese people that make them slimmer especially ladies and you wonder if they ever get fat in these areas.

5.  More fibers
: you can also lose weight fast with fiber foods without starving because the more you eat these fiber foods, the more your body rate of metabolism increases, the more digestion rate also increases and fat are eradicated with time. I also notice that adding more fibers in other food also works very fine but gradually.

6.  Avoid junks
: you don’t need to starve yourself to lose weight fast or quickly but fatty foods like junks, fried foods, snacks, etc should be avoided but other foods can be eaten more.  As soon as you avoid fatty foods, you body won’t be accumulating too much of fat anymore.

lose weight fast

7. Fruits and veggies: to lose weight fast, learn to eat more fruits and vegetables like every day. Fruits and vegetables contain lot of vitamins and minerals that helps to supply the body with nutrients and also increases body rate of metabolism. It can also ensure weight loss by burning off excess fat. Fruits and vegetables don’t have fats in them but water, more fiber, vitamins and minerals.

8. Avoid high calorie foods: foods that are high in calories will always add more water to the body examples are snacks, bread, tuber foods, and most especially foods that contains animal fat or foods that are cooked or friend with animal fat but as soon as you do away with high calorie foods or you eat less of these foods, then you will be fine and not starve yourself..

9. Low sugar: I also noticed drinking too much of sugary drinks like soft drinks and eating too much of sugary foods can also add fat to the body. To ensure a weight loss without you starving yourself, you will eat less of sugary food items because they cause slow digestion, add fat to the body inform of glucogen and sugary foods also reduces digestion.

10. Weight loss surgery:  i have discussed some topics on weight loss surgery which is an option when losing weight is medically necessary. The fastest way to lose weight or cut off any extra fat in the body is through weight loss surgery such as gastric bypass surgery which is a little bit expensive depending on the area. After the surgery, you , will eat healthily, eat what you like and still lose weight fast.

In conclusion, these are the ways to lose weight fast without starving. Go through the list and discussion above and when you begin to notice this, you won’t be adding more weight but you will be losing weight gradually. Thanks for reading. 

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