8 Nov 2017

9 Things to do in case of Overeating

I decided to write this post due to my experience on overeating and how to quickly find a solution to it as fast as possible. I will be discussing in details what you need to do in an occurrence of overeating and how to deal or treat overeating with or without a doctor.

This is based on my own personal experience when I overeat some days ago. It all started when I ate a considerable amount of friend rice and chicken some hours before 8pm. Unfortunately when I got home, I meat another food instead of me to just maintain myself and eat the food the following day, I kept on eating and eating until I had two different types of undigested food in my stomach.

The symptoms of overeating
Just after few hours of eating, I noticed that big tummy refuses to go down, I became discomfort, I couldn’t sleep and the biggest sign is that I was passing gas and belching numerous times. I said to myself I don’t want to do self medication. But in the real sense, the following are the steps I took to reduce the effect of overeating in me and my health was back to normal. This includes;

1. Seek a doctor: one of the things you need to do in case of a situation of overeating is to seek the advice or consult your doctor. The doctor is in the best position to administer treatments, advice or drugs to help you solve the problem of overeating.

2. Be calm: when you noticed you or your child is overfed or probably suffering from overeating, you need to be calm, don’t rush ant treatments on yourself or on him/her, seek an urgent medical attention or find solution to it rather than get scared or rush things.

3. Drink water: if you are overfed or you noticed that you are suffering from overeating, you just need to continue to drink water no matter how bad the situation may be. Water will help the system increase it metabolism rate and digestion still continue because you will definitely stool later after few minutes or hours.

4. Eat fruits: when I noticed that I was passing gas and my belly wasn’t going down, I quickly rush down to the nearby market to buy fruits since I don’t have any in the house at that time. So, I bought orange and cucumber which speed up the stool process and within few minutes, I started to go to the toilet to pass out water stools.

5. Use natural laxatives: natural laxatives helps to increase digestion and ensure proper passing out of stools out of the anus with ease. Most natural laxatives are fiber foods, fruits, grains, water, juice and many more.

6. Laxatives: this is a drug that will be recommended to you by your doctor.  It will relax and digest the excess food in your body and the belly start to go down as you belch, pass out gas or as you stool. You get fast relief of pains and discomfort through this recommended laxatives. I have a number of them but I don’t know your country if such drugs won’t be available in your country. But source for information about good laxatives commonly used in your locality.

7. Stop eating: if your belly is big and you are experiencing constipation due to overeating, then you need to stop eating any food at that time but you can still drink water. Eating more food is creating more digestion problem for the digestive tracts but when you stop adding more food, it becomes unsaturated and you feel calm and cure later with time.

8. Lie down at a comfortable position
: this will help you treat the situation of overeating because it keeps the body system in the right direction. It also gives a good access to the toilet in case you want to pass out stool or feces. The more you go to the toilet to pass out, the more relief you get before taking the prescribed drugs.

9. Light exercise: another thing you need to do in case of overeating or what works for overeating is to do some slight exercises like walking or jumping. Slight exercises like running, jogging and jumping can make the body experience fast digestion to reduce the overeating effect. Thanks for reading. 

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