28 Nov 2017

9 Drinks that can help lose weight fast

What are the drinks that can help lose weight fast? Losing weight is one of the greatest problem many people do face around the world these days. Some people spend a lot of money and time for valid information on weight loss that will make them lose weight either fast or gradually but as you read on with this post, we will be discussing various ways to lose weight through some drinks which we will be discussing as you on with post on drinks that can help us lose weight.

But there drinks that can actually help you lose weight as quickly as possible by getting rid of excess fat in the body. Taking some of these drinks will act as a support for fast weight loss results especially if you are involved in dieting and exercises in order to shed some weight. But even without exercising or dieting, some of these liquid can make you lose excess weight and get you skinny as fast as possible.

So, the drinks that can help you lose weight fast includes;

1. Water: water is one of the world drink or liquid which doesn't have substitute but for drinking, washing and bathing. But there is more to water than we think in the sense that it helps in digestion and increases body metabolism. The more water you drink, the more you don't add more weight because even the body requires more than 6 glass cups of water daily according to studies.

2. Coffee: coffee is one of the oldest weight loss drinks that works fast. Coffee contains caffeine which gives energy and allow the body to run faster, more blood are circulated, and more fat are used up in the process. People who drink coffee without sugar and milk lose weight faster but must be careful of excess consumption of coffee due to caffeine accumulation that can lead to migraine.

3. Green tea: according to my findings on green tea, its one of the natural drinks that can help to burn a whole lot of fat. Green tea doesn't add fat to the body instead it burn off excess fat in the body. Many times, it has other benefits like prevention of diseases like hypertension, stroke, high blood pressure and obesity.

4.  Chinese green tea: based on my findings on Chinese green tea, its one of the natural drinks that can help to burn a whole lot of fat. This is one of the main secret why most Chinese people live longer and their girls are slimmer than other tribes. Chinese Green tea also doesn't add fat to the body instead it burn off excess fat in the body. Many times, it has other benefit like prevention of treatments like hypertension, stroke, high blood pressure and obesity.

5. Herbal tea: herbal tea is just like green tea but we still have varieties of them depending on your region or country. Herbal tea is just a natural tea made up of mainly tea plant with no sugar or milk. Herbal tea doesn't contain fat and also prevent other diseases and sugar related diseases like diabetes, hypertension, high blood pressure, etc

6. Soda drinks: soda drinks doesn't contain sugar, it doesn't contain fat or other fatty components but contain a substance that gives energy without sugar. Soda drink can be used to lose weight fast if you drink it often instead of taking the normal sugary soft drinks which contains over 80% of sugar and you know it excess sugar result to weight gain.
7. Fresh fruit juice: one of the drinks that also helps to lose weight fast are fresh fruits juice. These drinks do not contain fat or sugar but contain natural vitamins and minerals that helps in breakdown of fat and fast digestion of food which result to weight loss.

8. Diet drinks: I have seen some soft drinks that have a diet version of the main drink. Some are referred to as lite, sugar free malt and and zero soft drinks. Some of these drinks are good for fast weight loss.

9. Rum: rum is an alcohol and a drink that can burn some amount of fat especially in the tummy area when taken in moderation. So, taking a considerable amount of rum also burn some fat but the only condition is to take it moderation and never get addicted to it.

In conclusion, these drinks works for people and i believe it can also work for you as well if you are overweight and needed ways to lose weight as fast as possible through these drinks. Thanks for Reading.


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  1. nice ideas but already know water will come first as the number one on this.


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