23 Oct 2017

How to deal with your weight loss issues today

How can I deal with my weight loss issues right now? In some of our previous post, we have talked about the different ways to achieve weight loss as well as different weight loss programs, weight loss diets, weight loss pills and how to achieve a fast weight loss with little effort but I noticed that people still have issues on weight loss, people still complain about their weight, people still see weight loss as a mountain while others have known some weight loss secrets which seems to be working for them.

Let see this from this angle, I noticed that 5 out of every 10 people are still overweight despite their dieting and weight loss programs and some people don’t find it easy with dieting. Some are even involved in wrong exercise and some are also involved in wrong combination of both dieting and exercise but as you read on with this post, we will be looking at the various or difficulties that are usually experienced in losing weight, common weight loss issues and how to deal with them.

So, the best ways to deal with your weightloss issues today or right now is to do the following;

1. Consult your doctor: one of the recommended ways to deal with your weight loss issues today especially if you are finding it difficult to lose weight is to consult your doctor. The doctor is in the best position to recommend the best diet or exercise for you, your doctor will refer you back to your gym instructor or exercise coach on what to do. Many times, doctor advice is better because it usually the best and their instructions don’t have repercussion or side effect.

2. Feed on low carbs diets: unless you are otherwise told not to do so, you could solve your weight loss issues by feeding on low carbs diet to lose weight or maintain your weight. Low carbs are carbohydrates with low calories but gives energy which will never make you grow fat or accumulate fat in your body. A good example of these low carbs foods is wholegrain.

3. Fiber foods: unless you are otherwise told not to do so, you could also solve common weight loss issues like weight gain simply by feeding more on fiber foods to lose weight or maintain your weight. Fiber foods are foods that contain water and are high in fiber but gives energy, prevent constipation, aid digestion and most fibers foods will never make you grow fat or accumulate fat in your body. Some good examples of these fiber foods are wholegrain, vegetables, cucumber, cabbage, salads, watermelon, carrots, maize, garden egg, and many more.

4. Reduce Sugary foods: the common weightloss issues I see that people have these days is that they want to lose weight but don’t want to give up on alcohol, sweets, candy chocolates, soft drinks and other sugary foods. Sugar accumulation in the body will make you grow fatter unless you eat less of eat.

5. The right exercise: I do recommend exercise for people who are having some weight loss issues to go for the right one. You can’t be in the wrong exercise and expect a change to occur in your body or expect to lose weight. Exercises like walking, speed walking, running, jogging, skipping, stairs climbing etc are good for the body either it’s a cardio exercise or not.
weight loss

6. Reduce overeating: you might also be having weight loss issue if you continue to overeat or when you eat too much. Eating too much foods like carbohydrates will slow down your body or cell metabolism, It slows down the digestion rate and it makes you have difficulty in losing weight even if you are involved in the best weight loss program. Just try as much as possible to eat in moderation, eat small quantity, eat lot of vegetables and fruits and drink more water. Try as much as possible to change your bad eating habit to a good one if you want to lose weight easily or else you will be having issues losing weight.

7. Get dedicated: if you are having issues with your weight loss program or its difficult trying to lose weight, you need to work on the ideas shared above in this article, you probably need to move on, get some motivation and dedication towards your plan. Make your weight loss a priority and get motivated to take care of yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually if there is need for it. Be consistence and remember winners don’t quit but loser do.

In conclusion, as discussed in the article, we have the various ways to deal with weight loss issues and the ideas listed and discussed above are ideas that really works right now and are fast in solving your weight loss problems. Thanks for reading.

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