11 Oct 2017

Effect of Job Stress on Hypertension

 What are the effect of job stress on hypertension? I just received this question after few minutes of publishing our previous post on the exact causes of hypertension. I noticed that stress was mentioned as part of the causes of hypertension and the reader want us to elaborate more on the effect of stress on hypertension or high blood pressure.

After so much research on job stress and hypertension, I got to know that high blood pressure could occur when people work too hard, overnight works, no rest, when people work, work and work without having any rest or sleep. These people tend to eat more junks, eat more salt and drink more alcohol.

I noticed that there's a relationship between job stress and hypertension and such relationship is that job stress can lead to hypertension vice versa. A friend of mine works with the ministry, he works so hard that he hardly sleeps but he suddenly had stroke when he got to age 50yrs and he was diagnosed of stress and ever since then, he has been careful and he’s been finding time to rest unlike before when he work so hard without resting or sleep.

Work stress occurs when there is high demand of your role or services at your place of work to an extent that you hardly rest or have time for yourself. I also noticed that job stress is one of the major cause of disability, permanent disability, abnormalities, and high blood pressure. So, the effect of job stress on hypertension is that it triggers the blood pressure effect to make it go higher and higher which lead to hypertension.

Another effect of job stress is that it causes stroke, nausea and migraine. Some people do experience depression especially when the work is demanding and remuneration not encouraging.  All these usually because the blood vessels to get strained and blood are not distributed evenly around the body when the vessels are too weak or stretched to work, this result to hypertension and some people may suddenly collapse due to this.

The possible solutions or some preventive measures to effect of job stress on hypertension is that an individual needs to do the following:

1. Eat lot of fruits and vegetables
2. Do not skip breakfast
3. Drink lot of water
4. Use pain relief drugs when you are weak and feeling pains.
5. Eat little salt
6. Sleep very well and have time to rest.
7. Do some sports like running, jogging, basketballs etc
8. Do some exercises like walking, yoga, running, jogging, skipping and many more.
9. Go for regular check up with some suggested or recommend medical test on blood pressure.
10. Avoid high cholesterol foods and high calorie foods.

With all these explanation, you will see that the effect of job stress on hypertension is terrible and can even trigger more health or cardio vascular diseases. Some companies or offices do have some healthcare packages for their workers and I also recommend you buy any health insurance policy so as to safeguard you from health problems or cardiovascular diseases that may arise later as you get older. Thanks for reading. 

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