6 Oct 2017

8 Ways to have more Energy after Age 40

What are the ways to have more energy after age 40yrs? I noticed that the best way to stay healthy is to monitor our health as we grow older and age 40yrs and above should be one important stage which we need to consider these things. At 40 and above, some people tend to depreciate in energy but as you read on with this post, we will be sharing ideas on how to have more energy even at age 40.

Using energy drinks is not a recommended ways to get more energy after age 40 but there are things that can be done easily which can make a man or man at this age stay active.

Even if you seem to be depreciating in energy and strength, you need the following ideas to stay active. These energy getting method include;

1.  Cut junks: one of the ways you can get or have more energy after age 40 and above is to try as much as possible to eat less of junks food. Junks food contains fat and some may be high on cholesterol which takes lot of times to digest and may also result to slow cell and body metabolism.

2.  Begin exercises: one of the best ways to get more energy is to do some exercises and I see this as a good method for people at age 40yrs and above to also explore in case they need some energy. I will recommend exercises like walking, speed walking, running, jogging, jumping, yoga and many more as good choice for these mature people.

3.  Drink plenty of water: at age 40 and above, I don’t expect some of our men and women to still keep drinking sugary foods, beer, alcohol or sugary wine but just water will do the magic. Water gives energy, increases body metabolism and also helps to fasten digestion process.

4.  Eat moderate carbohydrates
: you can have good boost of energy when you eat less carbohydrates which supplies strength and energy. Carbohydrates is an energy giving food but supplies more energy to matured people when they only eat little amount. A good example of carbohydrates to eat less is bread and other tuber foods.

5.  Little fasting: few hours of fasting won’t kill you even after age 40yrs but helps to clear the system of excess calories, lipids, oil and fast cell and body metabolism. Doctors, dietician and other fitness experts do recommend occasional fasting for men and women around that age to stay healthy.

6.  Do not skip breakfast: At age 40 or after, you don’t have to skip breakfast because breakfast is one of the basic suppliers of energy which means we don’t need to skip it. Eat good and well structures balance diets to supply energy.

7.  Sleep well: you also need to sleep very well to get more energy at 40. Age 40, sleeping very well should be a priority because it helps to cool the nerves, cells and muscles which gives more stress when they wake up after several hours of sleep. If you are at this age or you have someone at this age, I will rather suggest you sleep nothing less than 8 hours of sleep every night.

8. Reduce stress: just like I said earlier, people around this age should shun every form of stress, hard work, overworking and late night work. You can use the day time to work and use the night to have some rest because avoiding stress is one of the best ways to get more energy at age 40 or after.

In conclusion, as discussed above, these are the best ways to have more energy after 40yrs. Just try as much as possible to sleep well, do not skip breakfast, do some exercises, observe few hours of fasting, walk more, drink plenty of water and cut on junks foods. Thanks for reading. 

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