6 Oct 2017

6 Important Medical Test to do Frequently

What are the medical lab test we need to do frequently? What are the medical test people should do frequently? I decided to use this post as a way of providing answers to the question which was sent to me few days ago and I believe you will learn few things reading it which I also believe are beneficial to you and your health.

Irrespective of our status, gender, class or area, I noticed that we all need to take care of our health by constant examination of our body through medical lab test. These lab test shows the condition of the body especially when we do it every month or regularly. It makes us get more educated about our body and we take note if any sickness or type of sickness we might be suffering from.

So, the test we need to do regularly and frequently either young or old include the following;

1. Sugar test: according to my research, I noticed that many matured people suffer sugar related diseases like diabetes at one stage  or the other. Diabetes occurs when the activities of bile is disrupted and insulin are not produced. Many times, it may also result to other health issues when untreated. So sugar test should be considered by everyone regularly so as to check the insulin levels and other things.

2. ECG : this is a test which make my list of medical test people should do regularly and frequently. This test helps in getting information on heart related issues, it provide more information on the heart, it also tells more on the activities of the arteries and veins. Getting to test the heart with ECG test especially for adult helps to eradicate a possible occurrence of cardio diseases like hypertension, high blood pressure, cardiac arrest, hypo tension, heart failure and untimely death to heart seizure.

3. Cancer screening: this medical test is also important to discover Early stage of unusual growth in the body all which may lead to cancer. Most common cancer which should be screened regularly are colon cancer, prostrate cancer, stomach cancer, throat cancer, mouth, skin and breast cancer

4. Cholesterol test: this is a blood test to get some information on the cholesterol content of the body. It also helps to know the obesity level of the body, blood pressure, LdL, Hdl etc. High cholesterol can cause blockage of the blood vessels like arteries and veins which may cause a life threatening diseases.
Medical Test

5. Pregnancy test: for ladies or women who do have regular sex, these people should try as much as possible to do pregnancy test so that they don't complicate issues within them. For instance, a woman was feeling sick and decides to take some drugs not recommended by the the doctor, she almost died because she didn't know she was pregnant at that time. Not all drugs, exercises or therapy can go well with pregnant women. That is the more reasons you need to always ensure you do pregnant test before any medications as a Lady or as a woman who is at her child bearing age.

6. Salt: going for a blood test which shows some result for salt is also very good for people to do more frequently. It shows the amount of sodium ion in the body and the basic function of sodium ion and metal is for osmotic pressure and respiration. Sodium test helps to know if sodium is becoming too much in the body or few. When sodium ion deposits is much through salt consumption, it may result to heart diseases like hypertension and high blood pressure.

In conclusion, these are the test we need to do regular or frequently in order to have the maximum health status. Don't forget to advice others to do blood test involving sugar test, cholesterol, ECG, salt or sodium test, pregnancy test and cancer screening. Thanks for reading. 

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