18 Oct 2017

11 Things to do to make the Hair Color Last Longer

How can I make my hair color last longer? I decided to write on hair color based on the fact that many people need to learn how to make their hair color last for a while. I nearly got tired of paying my wife to maintain her hair black color where she buy dyes almost every time but there are things that can be done to maintain this hair colors

The ideas which we will be sharing on this post also apply to various types of hair color which include black hair, blonde gold hair, gray hair and gold designed hair. It will make you look beautiful with an enhanced look and the colored hair will take some times to fade away.

So, the various things to do that will make your hair color last longer includes:

1. Avoid hot shower: one of the things that could lead to a hair color fading away is when you use too much of hot shower on it. Hot showers will gradually wash away the dye on the hair but when you use natural cold water, it will help retain the color for a longer time.

2. Reduce the washing rate: frequent Washing of hair reduces the hair color especially with shampoos but when you only rinse with water without shampoo or soap, it will make the hair color remain without fading away.

3. Use filter: frequent bathing with hard water that contains metals do wash away the black or gold pigment in the hair but when you use a shower filter which helps to remove the soap base and metals will make the color last longer.


4. Deep conditioner: women who are blonde or women with colored hair are advised to use deep conditioners because it prevents fading away of the color pigment or dyes in the hair. Deep conditioners nourishes the hair and make the color last longer.

5. Use shower Cap: you could also ensure you allow the deep conditioners to penetrate your hair by wearing a shower cap for few minutes. This Al's keep and maintain the hair colors.

6. Use natural oil: the use of natural oil helps to nourish the hair with vitamins and also reduces the bleaching effect of the shampoo. It helps to preserve the hair color and makes the color last longer when you mix it with the shampoo.

Hair Color
7. Reduce heat tools: over exposing the hair to heat gadget like dryers, styling tools, hot designing iron, etc also bleaches the hair color when used frequently and that is the more reason you need to reduce over exposing the hair to heat substance. You can also use a thermal protector when using a hot or heat styling too or whenever you needed to use a dryer for styling.
8. Wear Hat: one of the major causes of hair color fading or bleaching is the over exposing the hair to sun rays. The effect of sunlight on hair is such that it bleaches the hair color gradually but this can be controlled when you wear hat that protect the hair or you use UV conditioner that reduces the rate of radiation on the hair.

9. Gloss treatment: I noticed that using a glossy treatment for the hair keeps the hair color natural and healthy. This can be achieve through the use of top coat for the hair. It helps to shield the hair cuticle and color is maintained for a longer period neither black color hair nor gray.

10. Eat Balance Diet: Eating balance diet is one of best ways to keep and maintain a dark color hair for a longer time. This happens because balance diet contains all the classes of food such as proteins, minerals, vitamins, water, and others. The vitamins produce enzyme that keeps and increase cell metabolism while proteins also helps in building the body and cells.

11. Avoid harsh dyes: some people want to hair to be beautiful and dark, so they use black hair dyes but some of these dyes are harsh. Some dyes might even wash off the hair color and it will be like your hair color is fading off than it used to be, this is due to the harsh chemicals used as ingredients when producing it.

In conclusion, as discussed in the article above, these are the health tips or things to do to make your hair color last longer. Follow some of the health tip as discussed in the article will make your hair color last. Thanks for reading.

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