10 Oct 2017

10 Foods that have positive Impact on Sight

What are the foods that have positive impact on Sight health? As you are reading this topic,we will be discussing the various ways by which we can improve our sight or vision through the kind of foods we eat. I believe that since you and I know that the eyes is among the important organ of the body which should be taking seriously or we go blind which maybe gradually or instant.

I notices that some foods do cause damage to our eyes and some may even cause diminishing of vision, bad sight and unhealthy eyes health. I also noticed some opticians, dieticians and doctors do tell people to avoid some foods if they want to have a good sight health or vision like sugary foods and beverages.

But I will like you to know that we need certain foods that will help us a lot in improving our sight even after going through stress or unhealthy habit that could cause a blurry vision. These foods are;

1. Eat Vegetables: According to my findings and facts, one of the foods that improves a sight health or the eyes health generally is vegetables. If you eat more vegetables, you will have an improved sight and vision simply because veggies are good for sight. This happens because vegetables contains vitamins and minerals that helps in improving eyes structure, cell growth and developments and Vitamin A which reduces eyes related problems. You can eat leafy crops, vegetables, pumpkin leafs, cabbage and many more.

2. Eat fruits: another set of foods that improve our eyes cells and sight health are fruits. If you eat more fruits like oranges, carrots, grape, cucumber, tangerine, apple, strawberries etc your eyes becomes healthy. This also happens because fruits contain vitamins and minerals that help in improving eyes structure, cell growth and developments. One of the primary function of Vitamin A is for good vision and a perfect sight health.

3. Locust Bean: one of the best foods tha have postive impact on the sight is guinea pea.This food is effective because it is rich in Vitamin A which boost sight and vision and it also contain other minerals that also replaces dead optic cells. Some people can eat this in it raw state while other can add it to soup or stew.

4. Coconut Oil: In the other way round, while I was searching for the kind of food that improves the sight health and eyes generally, I came across coconut oil and I noticed that coconut oil is also rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C. I also contain fatty substance like triglycerides and other acid which kills harmful bacteria, virus or micro organism that are harmful to the eyes and makes the eyes clearer and perfect.

5.  Nuts: I have always know that some nuts like cashew nuts and almonds are very good for the eyes and most times, these nuts have some positive impact in the sight health. Some nuts like cashew nuts, almonds and almond nuts contains calcium and proteins which helps to improve the eyes, vision and sight.

6. Cheese: I really don’t like cheese before but when I realize it improves sight, then I decided to give it a try. Cheese is rich in proteins which build the body but it doesn’t only contain proteins but it is also rich in calcium as well. It also contains some enzymes and acid that prevent decaying optic cells thereby making vision clearer.
7. Yogurt: Yogurt is also rich in proteins, Vitamin A and calcium just like any other diary product. But the main benefit of yogurt to sight health is that yogurt is pro-biotin which kills possible growth of micro organism or bacteria in the eyes.

8. Strawberries: According to my research on strawberries, I noticed that it contain vitamins and minerals but the basic fact here is that it contains a substance that helps in ensuring bright eyes, which means you can actually eat it to see an imrpoved vision gradually with time.

9. Carrots: Carrots is a fruits as well as a vegetable that contains a good amount of Vitamin A in it and this ensures bright eyes. It also contains fibers that aids digestion of food and it prevent constipation as well.

10 Eat sea foods: These are crabs, prawns, shrimps, oysters, lobsters etc all which contains proteins and are also rich in calcium. And I will like you to know that foods that are rich in protein and vitamins are good for improving sight health. Thanks for reading.

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