22 Sep 2017

Foods that are high in fibers and proteins

What are the foods that are high in fibers and proteins? I noticed I have some post on high fiber foods and another post on protein foods but I don't have any on foods that are rich in both proteins and high in fibers, which you will learn so much from as you read on with this post. 

high in fibers and proteins
Protein rich foods are good for the body in which these foods helps in body development and ensure growth. While high fiber foods are good at preventing constipation, aid digestion, increases body metabolism and these foods helps in losing weight.

But if you look at the benefit of both proteins and fibers, you will know they are essential and eating a food or diet that contains both proteins and fibers is good for the body for development and metabolism. The foods that are high in proteins and fibers are;

1. Wheat
2. Avocados
3. Maize
4. Spinach

5. Potatoes
6. Pumpkin seeds.
7. Cashew seeds
8. Oatmeal
9. Almonds
10. Local rice
11. Lima beans
12. Pea nuts
13. Lentils
14. Black beans
15. Vegetables
16. Date
17. Wheat
18. Green peas
19. Bean peas
20. Sorghum

These are the list of foods that are high in fibers and proteins. Combining the two recipes will make your skin healthy, fast digestion and body developments.

The foods doesn't result to diseases or heart related matter but for development, digestion and and growth. Thanks for reading. 

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