8 Sep 2017

6 Common factors that cause Bad Breath

I have decided to write on bad breath because I noticed so many people demand answers to this, people want to know more on how to treat bad breath without realizing the most important things like what causes it or the factors which will help tackle or prevent further occurrence of such mouth odor. I strongly believe that prevention is better than cure and understanding the factors is the best form or prevention of bad breath.
Bad Breath

I believe that bad breath is one of those things that the general public suffers from at one time or the other, but the good news for people with bad breath is that there is usually a remedy to get rid of this embarrassing trouble. The key although is to locate the factors, cause, prevention and the treatment follows as well.

So, the common factors that could cause a mouth odor or bad breath are as follows.

1. Tooth Bacteria: One of the factors that cause bad breath is bacteria. Bacteria increase on the tongue when the condition is favorable. The predominant motive of awful breath is a buildup of bacteria or growth of bacteria on the tongue and at the under layers of the mouth. But the good news here is that these bacteria can be effortlessly dealt with a various type of teeth washer such as oral tongue cleaners and correct oral cleaning products.

2. Unkempt teeth: Another factor that causes bad breath is when the teeth are left unkempt without washing or cleaning. Unkempt teeth may cause rotten teeth are an apparent cause of teeth related problem or disease known as halitosis. If this is indeed the purpose then rapid dental treatment can erase terrible breath overnight either you are a man or woman. Removing or treating rotten teeth can solve the trouble immediately as once the rotting part of the tooth has been diagnosed the source of the trouble were removed.

3. Spicy foods: I also got to know based on my finding that one of the factors that cause bad breath are too much intake spicy foods. Spicy foods are incredible culprit and lots of people are shocked due to the fact they think that horrific breath resulting from such meals is limited to the day after ingesting the foods in question. The reality is spicy meals can motive horrific breath for two to a few days after a meal and this is why we assume the purpose lies elsewhere but that is the truth.

4. Smoking:  The fact still remains that smoking apparent cause bad breath and there is not a breath treatment available on the market which can combat this vicinity of halitosis. Nicotine literally oozes from every a part of your body frame, openings like mouth and nose, interior and out, so the smart manner of combating this it to kick the addiction. If you have ever noticed that people who smokes are usually victim of bad breath.

5. Tonsil stones: During the course of my research, I also noticed that Tonsils stones can keep a large amount of bacteria and with some tonsil stones, the presence of both bacteria and tonsil stones is sufficient to set loose a mass of foul smelling odours that no amount of enamel or tongue cleansing can treatment. The excellent information is those stones can without problems are dissolved and the bacteria obliterated.

6. Illness: illness may also be very uncommon for bad breath but may cause an internal infection to lead to terrible breath but that is an area that should virtually be regarded into. If all different strategies of breath freshening have failed a doctor need to obviously be consulted to be able to find out the underlying purpose.

In conclusion, having discussed all these in the article above, I believe you must have learn few things here on the cause of bad breath which includes sickness/illness, presence of tonsil stones, bacteria, smoking, spicy foods, and unkempt teeth. You only need to do your best in eradicating this and can also be done by consulting your doctor/dentist if you ever noticed any sign of bad breath or when people start telling you that your mouth is smelling. Thanks for reading 

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